Parkour Contest Results

Posted on June 21, 2022 by TheClowner

The judging has concluded on one of the more frustrating contests to score… The builds were great, we’re just bad at parkour. 


Honorable Mention (more than 40 points)
liamplayer on Plot 7 $400

Third Place
amyice on Plot 1 $960

Second Place
ll_aeternum_II on Plot 6 $1140

First Place
_WideJoy_ on Plot 2 $1960


Congratulations to those who won prizes!

If you won a prize, your tokens and money has already been awarded, and you can find trophy items at /warp prize

Farm Contest Results Post 2022

Posted on May 27, 2022 by UnbreakableHoe

At long last, here are the results of the Farm Contest.
Gaining 40 points or more, we had liamplayer on plot 8 and Sammy1304 on Plot 2

In 3rd Place on Plot 6 is amyice

In 2nd Place on Plot 1 is _Widejoy_

And finally in 1st Place on Plot 5 is HaannahBananaa

If you are listed here tokens and money have been added to your account.
You can collect your unique trophy item at /warp prize if you were in the top 3.
Well done to all who participated!

Sci-Fi Contest Results Post 2022

Posted on May 7, 2022 by UnbreakableHoe

At long last, here are the results of the Sci-Fi Contest.

In 3rd Place on Plot 3 are Sealio and CBJZ

In 2nd Place on Plot 5 are Sammy1304 and TijmEnd
And finally in 1st Place on Plot 1 is _Widejoy_

If you are listed here tokens and money have been added to their respective accounts. You can collect your unique trophy item at /warp prize
Well done to all who participated!

Modern Street Contest Results

Posted on April 7, 2022 by TheClowner

Apologies for the delay announcing the winners of our Modern Street Build Contest


Special Mentions

Scores over 40 points:
Buubadoof, on plot 3

Runners Up – Scores over 60 points:
Damascus9696, on plot1
The_Bi_Agenda, on plot 4
NinaLikesTurtles, on plot 5
ShadowBlaze1407, on plot 6
arborarchitect, on plot 7

Third place

HaannahBananaa, on plot 12


Second Place

Sealio, on plot 2


First Place

CBJZ, on plot 11



Thank you to all who took part, and congrats to those who won prizes. Tokens and money prizes have already been sent out, and if you’re in the top three you can collect your trophy items from /warp prize

Underwater City Contest Results Post 2022

Posted on March 8, 2022 by UnbreakableHoe

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who took part for doing so. It was a great contest with awesome builds all around. Without further ado, I’ll get into it.
With 40+ Points:
on Plot 5

With 60+ Points:
on Plot 8
Buubadoof on Plot 17

Now for the top three.
In 3rd Place with a stunningly cursed emoji-faced octopus woman (words I never thought I’d type) is W0lfZZZ on Plot 6

In 2nd Place with a beautiful ruined masterpiece complete with organics we have Damascus9696 on Plot 2

And last but not least, in 1st Place with (and I quote) “Sealio’s Decent Underwater City”, is Sealio on Plot 7

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and if you are listed here you have been given your token and cash rewards on survival. Furthermore, if you are in the top three you can collect a unique trophy item at /warp prize.

Survival Old World Download (2018-2021)

Posted on February 7, 2022 by TheClowner

As we draw the 1.18 update and reset to a close, below are links to download Survival’s building worlds.
Each world is generated out to ±7500 blocks, and is about 6.5GB in size. 

Survival2018-Custom – Custom World Generation, generated in 2018 on MC 1.12.2

Survival2018-Vanilla – Vanilla Overworld, Generated in 2018 on MC 1.13.2

Survival2020-Nether – Vanilla Nether, Generated in 2020 on MC 1.16

You’re free to do as you like with these worlds, but we do not offer any support for them, and we cannot find any homes you had in the worlds. 

New things and future plans.

Posted on January 26, 2022 by TheClowner

With the 1.18 update largely out of the way now, we feel it’s time to share some of our plans for the future of ClownerCraft, and announce some of the things which we’ll be working on over the next few months.

First of all, however, is a reminder that our old Survival worlds will close on Thursday, February 3rd – so if you have an unfinished rank build there, you might want to get on that. Equally, if you plan to download the world(s) – please remember to note down the coordinates of places you want to visit now!

We will be publishing the world download a few days after closing the worlds. They will be fairly large (around the 10GB mark for each of Vanilla, Custom and Nether).

We’ve got a whole list of things we want to add and tweak in survival, primarily focusing on QoL improvements, as well as resolving a number of long standing issues.

These improvements will be split into several small updates, the first of which should be in the next few weeks, which will include:
– Craftable (and survival friendly) Light and Barrier blocks
– Extra bee hive information
– Re-balanced server shop pricing

I’d also like to note that the command and cosmetics shops are now considered part of this QoL update, and will be a later addition. Apologies for the delay.

We will soon be launching STBlitz: an explosive, fast-paced variant of our SniperTown minigame. That’s about all I’ll say about Zer0’s debut as a plugin developer.

Once launched, STBlitz will (for now) entirely replace SniperTown on the network, while we work on redeveloping the original game.

We’ll be hosting a Community Night to play the new version to help play-test, so keep an eye out on discord!

As always, we have a whole host of things already planned to work on once these projects wrap up, including a QoL update for Creative, Redeveloping Gladiator as well as expansions to Carnival with some new themed areas.

We do always appreciate suggestions, and while they may take some time to implement – please do share your ideas and feedback in #suggestions-feedback on discord.

Christmas Contest 2021 Results Post

Posted on December 27, 2021 by UnbreakableHoe

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who participated! The builds were awesome, and the results are as follows:

40+ Points: Sammy1304 on Plot 3 and liamplayer on Plot 10.

60+ Points: Tekkersmon on Plot 8 and Vox_ on Plot 9

Next up, in 3rd place we have The_Bi_Agenda on Plot 1:

In 2nd place we have najbuilders on Plot 11:

And last but not least, in 1st place, we have blu_ski on Plot 5:

Thanks to everyone who participated. If your name is in this post, you’ve been given your rewards.
If you were in the top 3, your trophy item has been deposited in the safekeeping barrel of your transfer island, and your extra 9 slots have been added to your transfer island too. /warp transfer

1.18 Protocol / Client Support

Posted on December 5, 2021 by TheClowner

I am happy to announce that the ClownerCraft Network now supports Minecraft client versions 1.8.8 through 1.18.
We’d still recommend using 1.17.1 for the best experience, as this is what our sandbox servers run on.
You can however now join the server with the new 1.18 client, just remember that any new gameplay features will not be available. 

We still have no ETA on the full 1.18 update, thanks for your patience.

Survival Reset: Item Transfers Open!

Posted on November 30, 2021 by TheClowner

We've got our Item Transfer system up and running, so you can start preparing your items to transfer over to the new worlds. Instructions are below.

A few quick reminders and other announcements:

  • Your inventory will not carry over to the new worlds. Only items put into your transfer chests.
  • If you want to take items to the new worlds, this must be before the rest. You will not be able to afterwards.
  • The reset will be no earlier than January 1st. 
    • Creative and PureSurvival may update sooner, but it all depends how stable 1.18 and plugins are.
  • From today, you can now buy up to 500 tokens in total from the token exchange. /warp bank


Spawners that have been recently bought in Survival with tokens can be 'sold back' for 75 Tokens each.

Spawners will either need to be:

  • In item form (ie. in a chest)
  • Placed by you in the world within the last 3 months

These restrictions are to ensure we can verify the spawner belongs to you, and was bought with tokens.

To claim your spawners back, either place the items in a chest, or stand near the spawner and run /report spawner buy-back
A member of staff will check the spawner meets the restrictions above, and then remove it and award your tokens.

Using the item transfer system

In order to take items to the new worlds, you'll need to place them in the chests provided on your 'transfer island'.
Head to /warp transfer and walk through the portal to go to your own island containing your chests.

Note: Any alt accounts you have will be taken to the same island as your main account.

You'll find three unlocked double chests there, which you can place your items into.
If you add any of the banned or restricted items, you will be notified when closing the chest.

If you wish to downgrade your rank, simple head to your transfer island (ie. walk through the portal at /warp transfer),
then use /report de-rank or /report de-rank [new rank].
A member of staff will drop your survival rank either one or two steps down the chain, and unlock the additional chests for you. You can only get a total of two additional double chests, even if you drop more ranks.

If you have contest trophies you wish to transfer speak to a member of staff; or head to your transfer island,
place them in the top chest and do /report contest trophies.
A member of staff will then move them into a different location to transfer.

You only have until the new worlds launch to prepare your item transfer chests. 
This will be no earlier than January 1st 2022.

Please see for the full list of restricted blocks/items.