ClownerCraft Player Survey – December 2019

Posted on December 6, 2019 by Wizkrys

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, but it’s time for a player feedback survey! Please fill out this survey if you get the chance and answer honestly. Your feedback is important to us as a network!

The ClownerCraft Team

New Tab List Update + Glowing Returns!

Posted on December 2, 2019 by Wizkrys

Starting today, the tab lists around the network have received a shiny new update – you can now see players full ranks in tab, as well as your token count!

In addition to this, players with VIP+ can now glow again using /eglow! Using the command will bring up the eGlow GUI, which will then allow you to glow any color you want (or even rainbow!)

Hope you all enjoy these updates!

The second official Clownercraft Build Showcase

Posted on December 1, 2019 by verSTANdigYT

Welcome to the second official Clownercraft Build Showcase Brought to you by ClownerCo®.
A monthly Build showcase right here on Clownercraft! This month we have Edgewater by wizkrys!

This little village is called Edgewater (quite a fitting name!) by the wizkrys
It consists of a medium sized buildings with a rather unusual palette of Birch wood,
Dark prismarine and Bird poop Polished Diorite. It has a very welcoming feeling
with very well lit streets.

Now, here are the screensh… HA, no here is today sponsor!

This months Build Contest is brought to you by ClownerCraft® Premium Dirt™!
This high quality dirt can grow the finest of grasses and many different kinds of flowers
or weeds. You can get it at your nearest nowhere for the low low price of $15000 per block!

Here are the screenshots, this time a bit more cinematic!

Fun fact: This build was used to obtain the Aztec rank on our Survival server!

Here are some words from Wizkrys herself!

This quaint little village is called Edgewater, and it was my Aztec rankup.
I worked on it on and off for about a month and a half.
Each building includes a small living space for the town inhabitants,
and most buildings have a work space for general professions such as a butcher, an armorsmith, and a weaponsmith.

For the actual build, I decided I wanted to try to work with a more unconventional palette,
incorporating polished diorite and dark prismarine. This was to both give a little twist to my normal building styles,
as well as challenge myself to make something that looks nice with blocks that are generally regarded as less aesthetically pleasing.
Gathering enough dark prismarine for Edgewater took up about half of the total project time, even with a fully functioning Guardian farm.

When I originally started building it, it was a “spur of the moment” decision after I’d been inactive for around a year and a half.
I’d suddenly wanted to get back into the network and it’s community, so I started laying out the foundation for a small village.
I initially was not anticipating for it to be my rankup build, but it eventually turned into that as my plans for it started to become more
intense and complicated. Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with how it turned out and it is one of my favorite builds to date.

Now thats it for this months build showcase! You can discuss it here on the forums, on the discord or join us
on our survival server!
Don’t forget to submit your own build in the build showcase thread on the forums!

-verSTANdigYT and the rest of Build and Staff teams.

The first official Clownercraft Build Showcase!

Posted on November 14, 2019 by verSTANdigYT

Welcome to the first Clownercraft build showcase!Brought to you by ClownerCo® A monthly* showcase of builds on the server.
You can submit your own builds in the stickied thread in the build showcase topic!.

The first ever showcase will be on Thalis by our build teams own Vox_ with his

Thalis is a large castle like series of circles and spires, with a magical and grand feeling
reminiscent of fairy tales. Largely consisting of stone and differnet types of wood, giving it
a welcoming feeling.

So let’s not leave you waiting; Here are the cinematic and not so cinematic shots (Minecraft
rendering isn’t always playing nice : ) )

Actually, let’s leave you waiting a bit more, with a commercial break! Have you heard about ClownerCo® Magic water™?
It supports life for both salt and sweet water plants and animals, so you won’t have to worry
about whether or not your fish and corals will die or thrive! Now available for the low
low price of 50000 ClownerDollars at your nearest nowhere! Also come take a look at our showroom called
“The hub”.

Now, lets actually get to the screenshots!

Now, as you can see it is a highly detailed build with many small details and large

Here are some words from Vox_ himself:
Thalis is a world of wonder and magic. Built as a series of large towers and walkways it rises straight out of the oceans.
The original structure was abandoned long ago, and later taken over by colonists.
These colonists built their settlements under the arches and in the great cave under the central spire.
Having built their houses, they have now started working on a huge monument, aided by hot air balloons.

Thalis was begun as a project to get back into building after a year of inactivity. It started out as a giant hole,
and was built out from there. It consists of a series of circles, arches and curves, to really push my own limits of building.
After finishing the central structure, the external features were added. These being the under-arch town, ships and statue.
There was still a giant hole though, so it was only fitting to build a large cave town in it,
blending a Mediterranean style with elements like arches and tunnels. The project has so far taken more than 150 hours,
using more than 100000 stone and 30000 planks.

Now, that’s it for this month! You can discuss the build here on the forums, on our discord or joins us on the server!

And don’t forget to submit your own builds for a chance to get featured on here, but you can ofcourse always post them
in build showcase
Oh and please give feedback on this, any advice or improvements are welcome!

-verSTANdigYT and the rest of the Staff and Build teams!

Server Square Market Grand Opening!

Posted on November 4, 2019 by TheClowner

So, if you’ve had a look around survival’s spawn, you might’ve noticed theres some areas that have been blocked off for a while, which we kept spare incase we ever wanted to add new areas for various things.

Today, one of those areas has opened up! Server Square Market is now open, with 9 rentable stalls, and 3 rentable food vans! A nice little area where you can rent a shop space for $250-$900 per two weeks, for those of you who only want to sell a small number of items.

To visit the new market, simply go to /warp square, and you’ll see it!

A-List Membership now available!

Posted on October 25, 2019 by TheClowner

Today we have launched for sale our A-List memberships.
Nothing much has changed since the previous announcement, apart from we’ve removed the requirement of having VIP+ to buy it, so A-List is now completely independent of VIP and VIP+.

On top of that, everything on the store will be 50% off until the 2nd November. Visit to support what we do.

VIP Update: /ccSuffix command

Posted on October 24, 2019 by TheClowner

We know a lot of you can get precious over the look of your VIP and VIP+ suffixes, and so, we’ve made it far easier to get it just how you like – with the new VIP, VIP+ and A-List Suffix Editor.

If you have one of the ranks simply use /ccsuffix and it will open up the editor GUI. From there you can quickly pick colours and symbols and update your suffiix without bothering a mod!
Theres even a much wider selection of symbols for VIP+ and A-List memberships… with a total of 48 choices.

A-List will be available very soon. So keep an eye out!

Oh and also we’ve fixed the issue with not being able to use colours/formatting on signs. So enjoy that one too.

Introducing A-List Membership

Posted on October 22, 2019 by TheClowner

We will soon™ be making available a new paid rank: A-List Membership.

If you’ve followed for a while we (sort of) recently removed our Supporter Membership rank from sale. This was because of a lack of sales, and we thought it was best to move on, and try to offer something new. For quite a while we’ve been planning to implement a new membership, and so this is what we’ve settled on.


A-List will be a little different to VIP and VIP+, in that it will be a subscription package.

Instead of paying once and just having the rank, it’ll cost $5/month (USD). And you’ll need to own VIP+ first before buying it.
We’ve made this decision since it will allow anyone who plays regularly to contribute more than once to the running costs of the server, and in turn this should help us to make sure we constantly provide a good service, and that we really do encourage players to stick around.

VIP and VIP+ will remain as they are, where once you’ve paid for them, they’re yours forever. And you know what else? We’ve just lowered their prices to $10 and $20 respectively.

A-List Membership Perks:

  • Pet Blocks
    Yes, that is what you think. You can have a block that follows you around, which you can also ride and wear as a hat. 
  • Wings
    Particles that kind look like wings… or a jet pack. So you look cool when you’re flying.
  • Chicken Glide
    Chickens fall slower than players. Now you can hold onto one and slow your fall.
  • A Symbol only suffix [«✪»]
    No silly “VIP” in the middle of your suffix, just three symbols, of your choice, in your choice of colours.*

* A choice of 48 different symbols and 16 colours. This feature is still in development and may not be available at launch of the new rank.


We are still looking at other possible perks for A-List, as well as potential additions to VIP and VIP+, so if you have any ideas please do share them with us in #suggestions-feedback on our discord server.

Haunted House Contest!

Posted on October 14, 2019 by zZer0_

Halloween is here yet again! For those of you who are tired of the same old pumpkin carving contest every single year, I have good news for you. For this year’s Halloween build contest, the theme will be “Haunted House.”

Teams of two are recommended, however you may work independently if you wish. To claim a plot, please create a ticket stating who you will be working with. For example – [/report contest with ———] or [/report contest alone]. A staff member will assign you a plot as soon as possible. Please ensure you have your teammate’s approval before creating a ticket.

Plot claiming starts on October 14th.
Building starts on October 21st.
Building ends on October 28th.
Results on Halloween (31st).
For more info, please visit [/contest].

-=+=- Prizes -=+=-

1st Place: $50000 in-game currency, 200 tokens and an item prize

2nd Place: $25000 in-game currency, 150 tokens and an item prize

3rd Place: $10000 in-game currency, 100 tokens and an item prize

Prizes will be split amongst team members.

Best of luck!

Creative Update! 30 Sep 2019

Posted on September 30, 2019 by TheClowner


TL;DR Creative has now moved to LuckPerms. RIP GroupManager. All Players can now access the freebuild world. Access to worldedit is now easier – clipboard stuff is only a worker perk now! See our ranks page for full list of perks. And we have more plans… But we’d love to know what ideas others may have to make creative better.

I don’t know how many people would remember when a long time ago we may have said we’d uh, reshuffle the creative rank perks to give easier access to worldedit. Well, we finally did it. It’s only like, been sat in our creative todo list for two years.

Before I get into the specifics of what we’ve changed, I want to share a little about what’s been going on within our team:
Welcome to the new ClownerCraft. Things actually happen now.

We’re hoping you have noticed how we’ve actually started to well, finish a lot of the things we’ve been working on or planning for years. Recently as a team we have tried to refocus on a smaller number of things in the hope we can actually get everything done in a reasonable time, rather than pushing things back repeatedly. And hey, we’ve actually managed to *mostly* keep to the deadlines we set this time.

As always, we do have a bit of a backlog of things we’re trying to sort out, but we are more than happy to hear your feedback, just don’t get disheartened if we have to say it’s not something we are able to do at this point in time. In order to make sure we’re not spreading ourselves too thin, we have shelved a handful of projects, including SpherePVP, ZombieWorld and a few other bits. We do have a number of projects we are working on, but we don’t want to reveal too much just yet- since theres plenty of small bits and pieces we’re trying to get done first- some of which

But anyway, onto Creative!

We’ve now migrated creative onto luckperms like the rest of the network. Which means we are finally free from groupmanager once and for all! While to most people playing this will be no big deal, it will make such a big difference to us as we work on new things, since we don’t have to worry about paid ranks transferring across, and we can’t uh, forget to demote a mod somewhere. Like with survival’s migration, we believe everything should continue to work as it did, but if there is anything thats a problem please make sure to let a member of our team know so we can get it sorted.

The more exciting news however, is that we’ve changed around the creative rank perks. And this is only the first part of our planned improvements for creative.

Our new perks allow players a wider access to worldedit within their plots, and most perks have moved forward in the rankup chain. For example //copy and //paste are now a perk for Worker and above (instead of Builder). But theres a large number of changes, so I suggest you look at the ranks page of our website which has been updated to reflect the new creative perks. But some of the notable changes are: more plots for Player, Worker, Apprentice and Architect; All players can now access the freebuild world (but only worker and above can use worldedit there); and the additional worldedit commands already mentioned.

We have also added the worldedit SUI plugin, which allows your selections to be seen with particles. For those who are worker or above you can also see particles for where your clipboard would go. These are also visible to other players to help with those who build together.

As said already, we have more planned, but I wont share too much on that just yet – as some of it is still in the planning stages. We’d love to know any other ideas you have that would help us improve creative, so please do share in our #suggestions-feedback channel on discord, or on our forums.


Sorry about the essay.

~Clowner and team

PS. Be proud I didn’t go for ‘Make Creative Great Again’ 😛