Microbuilds Contest Results 2021

Posted on September 3, 2021 by UnbreakableHoe

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who participated! The use of armour stands were astounding this time, we really were impressed.

Scoring 40+ Points:
Dodel on Plot 2

Scoring 60+ Points:
Alesiaz on Plot 3
raposo_the_guy on Plot 4
ShrimpFryingRice on Plot 10

In Third Place with their miniature Cave Town is wizkrys on Plot 1

In Second Place with their beautiful statue is W0lfZZZ on Plot 5

And lastly, in First Place with their stunning recreation of “Up” is Sealio on Plot 8

Thanks to everyone who built, we hope to see you take part again.
If you are listed here, you have been given your rewards and if you placed in the top three you can claim a unique prize item at /warp prize!

Post Apocalyptic Contest 2021 Results

Posted on August 14, 2021 by UnbreakableHoe

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who participated! The post apocalyptic builds gave us chills! Before we get into the top three, we have some honourable mentions.

Scoring 60+ Points:
on Plot 3 and
Sealio on Plot 4

Third Place: With a stunning decimated suburban street, we have Alesiaz on Plot 2

Second Place: With their amazing freeze frame of a city about to be blown up by a nuclear bomb, we have The_Bi_Agenda on Plot 1

First Place: Last but not least, for their amazing desolated, war ravaged and destroyed buildings, we have Juice_BoxHero on Plot 6

All players listed here have recieved their token and money rewards on survival, and, additionally, the players who ranked in the top 3 can claim their unique prize item at /warp prize

Cave Contest 2021 Results

Posted on August 1, 2021 by UnbreakableHoe

Thanks to all who participated in the contest, the caves were stunningly beautiful with great use of the new 1.17 blocks!

In third place we have raposo_the_guy on Plot 1 with their cave full of creepy crawlies and mythical creatures.

In second place we have wizkrys on Plot 3 with their abandoned expedition cave.

And last but not least, in first place we have ll_aeternum_II on Plot 4 with their stunning lush and populated cave.

Tokens and money have been given to the winners, and you can collect your unique trophy item from /warp prize

Firework Show Contest 2021 Results

Posted on July 9, 2021 by UnbreakableHoe

Thank you to everyone who participated!
The various Fireworks shows were explosively passionate, but before we get into the top three, here are some honourable mentions:

With 40+ points, we have:
The_Bi_Agenda on Plot 1
raposo_the_guy on Plot 7 and
Buubadoof on Plot 8.

In Third Place is Krastic on Plot 4

In Second Place is TijmEnd on Plot 12

And First Place goes to ms_pink_mermaid on Plot 11

Rewards have been given to anybody who scored 40+ points. If you were in the top three, there is a prize waiting for you at /warp prize on Survival.


Survival, Creative and PureSurvival now running on 1.17!

Posted on July 5, 2021 by TheClowner

Our Survival, Creative and PureSurvival servers have now been fully updated to 1.17.

As a quick reminder of some of the changes introduced to allow access to the new content:



  • Explore worlds have been reset, and have been generated in 1.17.
    • The worlds will start with a smaller world border of ±2.5k
    • The end has a border of ±1.5k, which will expand to ±2.5k over the next 7 days.
    • The borders will be expanded on 1st August, and 1st September. With the Explore worlds next due to reset on 1st October.
  • The server shop has been expanded
    • There’s a generally wider range of items available now, including some harder to obtain 1.17 blocks.
    • We’ve intentionally left out most of the new items to leave a market for player shops
  • We’ve added a small sell shop to the server shop:
    • There are 5 items you can sell, which will change every 2 weeks, to make a little extra cash.



  • The worlds have been expanded up to ±4
    • This means there is newly generated land beyond Approx ±3200 blocks, where you can find the new resources.


Event servers and such will be updated at a later time. We look forward to seeing what you all create with the new blocks and items! 😀

1.17 Update News: Weekend Downtime

Posted on July 1, 2021 by TheClowner

ClownerCraft will be updating sandbox servers to 1.17 this weekend!

There will be some downtime for individual servers, but the network as a whole should stay online the whole time. We will be staggering the update over a few days so that you’ll still have something to play on while the other servers are down for the update. And of course, if all else fails – go join the firework contest 😛

PureSurvival will be offline to update from 10am GMT // 5am EDT on Saturday 3rd July 
Creative will be offline to update from 10am GMT // 5am EDT on Sunday 4th July
Survival will be offline to update from 10am GMT // 5am EDT on Monday 5th July

There are two features which we expect to be broken for a while after the update:
Firework maker (/fwm) and /lay still need to be updated.

If you missed the details of some of the changes we will be making with this update, you can read the plans here: https://clownercraft.net/2021/06/06/1-17-update-plans/

1.8 Beta Throwback Contest Results 2021

Posted on June 24, 2021 by UnbreakableHoe

Thank you to everyone who participated!
The builds were truly amazing, especially considering the very limited block palette. Before we get into the top three, here are some honourable mentions:

With 40+ points, we have:
ms_pink_mermaid and NinaLikesTurtles on Plot 1
Actionman11 on Plot 6
Yeofam on Plot 7 and
Vinnie3 on Plot 15.

With 60+ points, we have:
OnlyMrBlues and najbuilders on Plot 2
The_Bi_Agenda on Plot 5
W0lfZZZ on Plot 8 and
Protogen_Purple on Plot 13

And last but not least, the top three!
In Third Place is Tekkersmon on Plot 17 with their beautiful town.

In Second Place is ll_aeternum_II on Plot 11 with their meteor barraged fantasy landscape.

And last but not least, First Place goes to ReconXMaverick and Mckenzie1700 on Plot 10 for their stunning mushroom village.

Rewards have been given to anybody who scored 40+ points. If you were in the top three, there is a prize waiting for you at /warp prize on Survival.


1.17 Update Plans

Posted on June 6, 2021 by TheClowner

TL;DR We’ll update to 1.17 as soon as we can, probably a few weeks after it’s release. PureSurvival gets a worldborder expansion, Survival’s Explore worlds will reset and we’ll add some new shopping things to encourage player shops to sell the new items. 

With 1.17 expected to release this coming Tuesday, it’s probably time we shared what our plans were to make sure you can access the new content on our network. I’d normally try to share these sorts of things as soon as the first pre release appears, but with Caves and Cliffs being split into two parts, we haven’t been able to finalise our plans quite as quickly this time around. 

First though, the usual update disclaimer: We will update as soon as we can, but because of the way servers run, we have to wait for paper, plugins and various other things to be updated and stable. This can take several weeks after the update releases. As usual, we will aim to get 1.17 client support up and running within a few days of the update, but getting the server onto 1.17 to access the new content may take a little longer. We will share a more accurate ETA once we have one, but please be patient, and remember that our entire staff team are volunteering their time and often have other things which have to take priority. 

Here’s the major changes we plan to implement to get access for the new content on our sandbox servers:


  • Explore worlds will be reset.
    • There will be a fresh set of worlds, generated in 1.17, for you to gather and farm the new resources and blocks. 
    • Going forward, we will be changing the Explore World reset schedule to only reset every 3 months, with the world border expanding during the months in between. 
    • Biome warps for the explore nether will be added.
  • A new Sell Shop
    • We will be adding a small sell shop with a limited selection of items you can sell to earn some extra cash.
    • The items will be changed every 2 weeks. 
  • Shops & Economy
    • We wont be adding shops to buy most of the new items, to help encourage player shops to start selling the new blocks and resources. 
    • Some unobtainable items will be made available in the server shop and tokenshop.
  • Light blocks
    • We will try to add a crafting recipe for the light block, and make it survival friendly.
    • This may not be available immediately, but is in our plans. 


  • Special blocks menu
    • We’ll be adding a menu that lets you get some of the special blocks which aren’t in the creative inventory. Including Barriers, Light Blocks and Command blocks. And possibly others. 


  • The world border for Pure will be expanded by 1000 blocks in each direction. Including the Nether and End.
  • /rtp will be expanded to the new borders. 
  • There will be some downtime to pre-generate the new terrain. 

There is still potential for these plans to change, but that’s about everything we’ll be doing for this half of Caves and Cliffs. If you have ideas or feedback, please do share in #suggestions-feedback on our discord server!

Cake Contest Results 2021

Posted on April 2, 2021 by Haayz

Thank you to everyone who participated! So many amazing cakes!
To start off we have FerettaClaymore on plot 10 who got 40+ points
Then who got 60+ in our point system is najbuilders on plot 3, Buubadoof on plot 4, Zanestillplayz on plot 8, The_Bi_agenda on plot 11, and liamplayer on plot 20.
Now to the top 3!

In Third place is TijmEnd on plot 19 with their parkour cake!

Second place is Amyice on plot 1 with Cake is bread cake

And first place goes to W0lfZZZ on plot 15 with their Clown Cake!

Rewards have already been given out. If you got top 3 then you have a prize waiting for you at /warp prize.

The download for the world will be edited here soon!

Voting changes

Posted on March 8, 2021 by TheClowner

Just a little update with some changes to voting, based on feedback from our survey:

  • We’ve now reduced the number of sites that give rewards to 6.
    You can still vote on the other sites, but rewards only come from the main 6.
    Our hope is that this makes voting regularly less frustrating.
  • Voting rewards have been increased, in line with the reduced sites:
    • 8 tokens and $40 per vote
    • Bonus rewards are now  10 (1 in 10) and 25 (1 in 50) tokens.

Head on over to our voting page to go earn yourself some tokens and money!