Network & Server Rules

To try and keep the peace, and ensure our community find the ClownerCraft network an enjoyable, fun and safe environment, we have a set of rules that all players of our network (including out of game services like our forums, Teamspeak or Discord servers) are expected to adhere to.

You can check the network rules anytime, from any of our Minecraft servers, using /rules. Some individual servers will have additional rules - these can be seen at that server's spawn or using /rules 2 on the specific server.

Global Rules

The following applies to all servers on our network, as well as on our official Discord server.

ClownerCraft is a family friendly network.
  • Keep the chat, your skin, your username and any builds appropriate for all ages.
  • No swearing, or discussion of inappropriate or adult topics.
    • If you're unsure if a topic is appropriate or not, please message a member of staff and ask!
    • TIP: Do not rely on the chat filter to censor your chat. Avoid swearing in the first place.
  • Racism, Sexism or any other discrimination is not tolerated.
Play fairly
  • Your actions and builds should not negatively affect another player.
    • For Example:
      • Anything you create should not cause excessive server lag. 
      • You should not cause others to lose items
  • You may not use any mod or bot that gives you an advantage over other players.
    • Cosmetic mods, such as Optifine, are allowed. Please ask a member of staff if you're unsure!
  • You should not exploit, hack or in any other way cheat.
    • This includes using exploits to bypass server systems.
      • Anti-Idle (or Anti AFK) machines are not permitted under this rule. You get kicked after 10 minutes for a reason!
    • Bot accounts are not permitted.
  • Do not grief, steal from or raid other players.
    • You cannot modify someone else’s build in any way without their permission.
    • You cannot take items from chests, even if they’re not locked.
Respect other players and staff
  • Do not try to irritate other players
    •  Anything that may annoy or irritate another player is not acceptable
      • Such as spam /tpa requests, deliberately excluding people etc.
  • Do not spam the chat
    • Messages with excessive characters, Block Capitals, or repeated messages are considered spam.
  • Do not advertise other servers in public/private chat.
    • You cannot use any of the services we provide to share another minecraft server. Please take this outside of our network, TeamSpeak, Discord and Forums.
      • We all put a lot of work into keeping this server running, please be respectful and don't try to unfairly gain players from us! There are other (better) places where you can share your server.
    • You are welcome to share other links so long as they comply with our other rules - and without the intent of advertising a server

Rank Related Rules

The following applies to all builds submitted for rankups. For more information about what's needed to rankup please click here.

  • Any builds submitted for a rankup should be your own work.
    • Builds copied from tutorials are not accepted.
    • We do allow you to rankup with other players, but between you the build needs to be original!
  • Your rank perks are only for you. 
    • You should not use them for other players.
      • Eg. you cannot use /fix to fix tools for another player.

Survival Server Rules

These apply to the Survival server only. This is in addition to the rules stated above.

  • Survival's Economy:
    • You may not sell items you got through a kit. 
    • You may not sell any special items from the TokenShop.
      • Only generic building blocks and resources can be sold if obtained from the token shop
    • You may not sell items you got through rank perks.
      • Anything from the Banner Maker, Rocket Editor, /skull etc. cannot be sold.

Alt Accounts

You're more than welcome to play on an alternate account, as long as you follow the rules on both accounts.
Using an alt should not give either account any specific advantage over another player.

Using alt accounts to exploit or bypass systems is not permitted.

If you've been banned - you cannot use an alt to bypass your ban. Please appeal your ban by clicking here.

If you're unsure about any of our rules - please ask a member of our staff! We're more than happy to answer queries.