Greek Contest Results

Posted on January 28, 2021 by Haayz

The scores for our Greek Contest!

Players who got 40 points or over in our ranking system: JessIsBroke on plot 2, The_Bi_Agenda on plot 5, and W0lfZZZ on plot 9.

The Third place plot goes to plot 6 built by TheBjdlCraft and TijmEnd

Second place goes to vern_werg on plot 10

And last but not least, first place goes to plot 11 built by Buubadoof!

Thank you to the ones who participated, i have already given everyone their rewards. If you got top 3 you can head over to /warp prize to claim your trophy.

Why does a pirate carry their sword? Because swords cant walk 😂. Ok ill stop. That is my way of saying the next contest might have something to do with pirates!

Interior Contest 2021 Results!

Posted on January 14, 2021 by TheClowner

It’s that time again when we wrap up another event!

The honourable mentions, scoring more than 40 Points:
Theminehacker on plot 9

The Runners up, scoring more than 60 points:
HaannahBananaa on plot 3, W0lfZZZ on plot 4, MountainRage_ on plot 5, ms_pink_mermaid on plot 7, CireKiddo on plot 10, Katnips_ on plot 11, and Froggity on plot 15!

In Third Place, scoring an average of 80.83 points:

ToastyWaffles on plot 2.

Coming in with 86.67 points, and earning Second Place:

The_Bi_Agenda on plot 5.

And topping the chart with a nice round average of 90 points, First place goes to:

raposo_the_guy on plot 1

For those in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, you can find a trophy item at /warp prize
Tokens and survival $$ have already been awarded! Thanks for taking part!

Our next event will be Greek themed!
Plot signup and the community build will start this coming Monday (18th Jan),
with the contest taking place from Friday 22nd until Monday 25th!

Christmas Village Contest Results

Posted on December 31, 2020 by Haayz

Merry christmas everyone!

Thank you everyone who participated. Special rewards go out to: People who earned over 40 points are Raposo_the_guy, MathToKool, Bravagorr, and ItIs_Ayako!

To those who got over 60 points are The_Bi_Agenda, Yeofam, Katnips_, and W0lfZZZ

Third place goes to: JJL0rtez and NinaLikesTurtles on plot 6

Second place goes to HaannahBananaa on plot 5

And First place goes to ActionMan11 on plot 4

Rewards have all been given out. If you got top 3, then you have a trophy waiting for you at /warp prize so dont forget to take a look!

Note: I will put the world download here as soon as i get it set.

Survival QoL Updates

Posted on December 24, 2020 by TheClowner

Three small updates for Survival to help improve your minecraft quality of life.

  • Updated some kits to include new 1.16 items among others.
    • Wood (Diamond Perk): added crimson and warped stems
    • Stone (Diamond Perk): added andesite, diorite, granite and blackstone
    • Brick (Aztec Perk): added end stone bricks, blackstone bricks and quartz bricks
    • Glow (Aztec Perk): added soul torches, soul campfires, shroomlights and sea pickles
  • Added  /nerfphantoms togglespawn  command for all players.
    This allows you to turn off phantoms if you don’t want them!
  • Reintroduced warps for the explore nether and end
    • You can find the new warps in /warps explore or with /warp ex_nether , /warp ex_end and /warp ex_endfarlands .

And also just a quick reminder that the EXPLORE worlds are resetting on January 1st, so you’ll have a new set of worlds to gather resources in. This is only the explore (resource gathering) worlds, vanilla, custom and the main nether will not be affected.

We plan to make more changes along these lines in the near future, so if you have any ideas to make survival less frustrating we’d love to know your ideas in #suggestions-feedback on discord!

Enjoy 🙂

Cave contest results!

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Haayz

So many amazing builds!

To add on to the winners, here are some players who got over 40 points! Congratulations to TheClowner on plot 8, and T9W2 on plot 10!

Players who got over 60 points are The_Bi_Agenda on plot 2, and raposo_the_guy on plot 9!

Great job everyone, but like always, we will to mention the top 3 plots

For third place we have Oban on plot 13!

For second place we have Bravagorr on plot 5!

And for first place we have UnbreakableHoe, NinaLikesTurtles, and ms_pink_mermaid on plot 6!

Thank you everyone who participated! Now its time to get ready for the Holiday spirit if you haven’t already!

Prizes have been given out and the top 3 plots have trophies waiting for them at /warp prizes

Click here to download the world

Organics Contest Results!

Posted on December 3, 2020 by Haayz

Amazing job everyone!

I would like to give out some rewards for the people who got over 40 points. Congratulations to UnbreakableHoe on plot 6, ms_pink_mermaid on plot 13, The_Bi_Agenda on plot 14, and SomeBody283 on plot 15.

Players who got 60 points or over are KingPeter10 on plot 2, Katnips_ on plot 4, Kat_ThatOnePogo on plot 11, Kenzgirl001 on plot 12, and Oban on plot 17.

Lots of amazing builds! But only 3 plots can be considered the Top 3.
Third Place goes to: W0lfZZZ on plot 1

Second Place goes to: GrumpClump on plot 10

and last but not least, First Place goes to: LiamPlayer and NinaLikesTurtles on plot 5!

Prizes have been rewarded to the ones above. If you got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place you have a trophy waiting for you at /warp prize

Thank you everyone who did participate. We hope to keep the Community build aspect on Contest in the future that way it can build up the anticipation while you wait!
You can download the contest/community build world by clicking here.

The Cave Contest is now open for plot claiming and the Community Build aspect is open! Contest will start Tomorrow (Friday 4th). Head to /Contest for more details.

Survival Explore Expansion

Posted on by TheClowner

Survival’s Explore worlds (Explore-Overworld, Nether and End) have all had their borders expanded to 4000 blocks in all directions.

The worlds will next be reset on January 1st 2021.

Enjoy 🙂

Survival-Block Contest Results!

Posted on November 20, 2020 by Haayz

Great job everyone!

Firstly, some Honourable mentions, for scoring an average of over 40 Points:
Tarajist on Plot 11, and The_Bi_Agenda (oasoldier) on Plot 13

Third Place goes to:
Haayz, NinaLikesTurtles, Katnips_, and ms_pink_mermaid on Plot 1

Second place is:
Bravagorr on Plot 3

And First Place goes to:
W0lfZZZ on Plot 2

Congratulations to all those who won prizes. Your tokens and survival $ have been given, and you can find a trophy item at /warp prize if you got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

Spooky Mansion Contest Results!

Posted on November 5, 2020 by TheClowner

We saw a great turnout of builds this time around, it’s great to see a majority of plots being filled and overall, there’s a lot of great builds that appeared.

Firstly, some Honourable mentions, for scoring an average of over 40 Points:
Lordlezenda on Plot 6, liam_but_scarier on Plot 11, Katnips_ on Plot 12, Hera_The_Fennec on Plot 14, VoiceOfTheDemon on Plot 22, and Bricksmith/KnarlyBro on Plot 24

And the runners up, scoring more than 60 points average:
W0lfZZZ on Plot 5, Chasta_The_Wolf on Plot 8, Rattafix & DormantViking on Plot 20

Third Place goes to:
blu_ski on Plot 16

Second Place is:
Haayz and ms_pink_mermaid on Plot 4

And First Place goes to:
UnbreakableHoe and NinaLikesTurtles on Plot 7

Congratulations to all those who won a prize. Your tokens and survival $$ have been given already, and you can find trophy items in survival at /warp prize if you got 1st/2nd/3rd place. 

You can download the world from this contest by clicking here

1.16.4 and SurvivalBlock Contest!

Posted on November 3, 2020 by TheClowner

ClownerCraft should now support 1.16.4 clients, so you can now play with 1.8 all the way up to the latest release!

Also, the SurvivalBlock contest starts this Friday! You can head to /contest now and claim your team’s plot ready to start competing next week!

As in a previous announcement, this contest is a little different, putting you in survival and needing you to build within the limits of what you can gather within your plot.
We’ve given you a whole week to work on your builds, and each plot can be a team of up to 4 players (solo is, as always, completely fine too!).
Good Luck!