We did a thing! Parkour server now open.

Posted on September 23, 2019 by TheClowner

Yes, you read that right… we uh, actually finished a thing.

So you can now use  /parkour  to visit our brand new Parkour Server!
How exiting! So time to go have fun trying to complete the challenges that lay beyond that portal…

Server Update: Replacement Permissions

Posted on by TheClowner

As of today we’ve now moved our survival server onto our new permissions system, which was already in use on other parts of the network. And this is one of those changes that you likely wouldn’t notice – but has a significant impact on the running of the network.

We’ve finally replaced GroupManager on survival, since uh, it’s no longer regarded as a decent permissions plugin – when it was the top choice for many back in the day when ClownerCraft first started. But as ClownerCraft has grown over the years, it’s become apparent that we needed to upgrade to something a little more up to date.

This change should make some improvements to stability, particularly reducing the lag caused by typos in permissions commands as well as fixing the occasional vanishing of ranks that occurred with name changes. But above all else, it’s just going to make things easier to keep track of within a multi-server network. If you’re wondering what took us so long, the answer is mostly down to working out how to transition without everyone losing their ranks.

We have not yet switched creative over, but will be doing this in the near future – although we will have some more news to share regarding creative soon™


As far as we know, everyone’s ranks should be in tact, and you should still have access to all the same perks. All being well you should not notice any difference, but if any of your rank perks no longer work on survival, or you’re missing your rank – please create a ticket (/report) and we can get that sorted!

TL;DR We changed a thing on survival. If anything doesn’t work to do with ranks and their perks please tell us so we can fix.

~Clowner and Team

Scavenger Hunt Delays…

Posted on September 21, 2019 by zZer0_

I’d like to start this off with an apology, as the Scavenger Hunt has been delayed due to various reasons. We need more time to discuss how the whole thing should work and to make it a fair experience for everybody participating, so we’re moving it to later on when we’ve had the time to develop the idea and execution of the contest.

The Haunted House contest is still on track, and should be ready for plot claiming at the scheduled time – Details on the contest and the prizes will be announced later on, so look forward to that!

Again, apologies to those who wanted to participate, and we will try to create a fair and functional Scavenger Hunt in time.

– zZer0_

Server Maintainance: Advance Warning Monday 23/01/2019

Posted on September 20, 2019 by TheClowner

On Monday 23rd, our Survival server will be offline for up to an hour from 12 noon, BST.

This will be to allow us to upgrade the permissions system on the Survival Server.

I apologise for any inconvenience this causes.


Pure Survival – Elytra Renewability!

Posted on September 17, 2019 by zZer0_

Since we didn’t get much feedback on having the Ender Dragon dropping an Elytra in Pure Survival to add both renewability and a faster way to get around the world, we as a Staff Team had to make the decision ourselves. So we did!

You can now respawn the Ender Dragon as you normally would (via 4 End Crystals), and when it dies it will drop an Elytra! So if you want to put the effort into grinding Ghast Tears and finding the portal yourself, you can now actually get some form of reward from it 😀

Any feedback about this addition we will gladly listen to in the #suggestions-feedback section of our Discord.

Many hopes that this feature will make for a good addition to Pure Survival overall, and good luck to those who fight the dragon for it!

– zZer0_

VIP+ and Disguises

Posted on September 8, 2019 by TheClowner

Hi All

VIP+ members may now use /dis and /undis again. You can now use it on Survival, Creative, PureSurvival and the Hub.



A Public Inquiry about Elytras in Pure Survival.

Posted on September 2, 2019 by zZer0_

We’ve been discussing a certain feature within the Staff Team which involves adding renewability to Elytras in our Pure Survival server, and we’re now open to opinions about the topic, since it has gone around certain individuals we feel that it’s easier at this point to have input from everybody. We’re mainly looking for feedback from people who already actively play on the Pure Survival server, but all feedback will be taken into account when making this decision.

Now, for the part you’re all probably dying to hear. Why exactly are we deciding this as a possible feature?

With 1.14.4 having broken the Nether Portals network system, different portals lead to different places, they don’t lead to places they’re intended to go. The main method of quick transportation around the world has been essentially removed temporarily. We may see this come back with 1.15, in which case we may consider removing this feature, however for now it would be very beneficial for players that live long distances to meet up with other players on the server, which is where the idea of Elytras came up.

Since the End is mostly raided and because it has a fairly small world border, Elytras are very hard to come by – Essentially becoming unobtainable. As a vanilla part of the game, we feel it would be a good idea for it to have some form of renewability. It won’t be insanely easy to get, however – It will be dropped from the Ender Dragon, which requires you to collect Ghast Tears from the Nether in order to craft the End Crystals required. It’s still a grind to get, but it adds a way to get an item which has a big impact on transportation throughout the world. It adds replayability to the Nether and End, gives a reason to use Firework Rockets and allows you to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time.

There have been arguments against this as well, such as keeping Pure Survival as “Pure” as it can be, which is fair to say as it’s a server that we are trying to keep as Vanilla as it gets without any additions.

Either way, whichever side of the argument you’re on, we want to hear your opinions in the #suggestions-feedback channel of our Discord, as it matters a lot more about what everybody else thinks. If you want a voice on this addition, now is as good a time as ever.

Thanks to all who take their time to write their input on this feature.

– zZer0_

No Block Breaking Challenge Contest Results!

Posted on August 29, 2019 by TheClowner

The scores are in for our No Block Breaking Contest.

Notable mention for plots scoring more than 40 points
DeathtasticEllie on Plot 15


Third Place
lolcoptermaster on plot 10


Second Place
W0lfZZZ on plot 1


First Place
Anvien on plot 8

Congratulations to those who won, you have been given your tokens and $$$ already, and can collect your trophy items from /warp prize.

The end of Supporter Memberships! D:

Posted on August 20, 2019 by TheClowner

Hey All,

We’ve decided to remove Supporter Membership from our store, so you will no longer be able to purchase it. VIP and VIP+ are still available and there may be new additional packages in the near future.

For those of you who have bought Supporter, you will keep your perks! And you should also still get a discount on upgrading to VIP or VIP+, this change only prevents new players buying Supporter Membership.

The reason behind this removal is since it’s the least popular of the paid ranks, and we’d rather keep a smaller number of good ranks, than a larger quantity that people only buy a couple of!

We are working on some new packages to add to the store, but we’ll keep those a little more under wraps for now – but watch this space! And if you have suggestions, please do share them on our discord or forums!


A Few Fixes to Survival and Pure.

Posted on by zZer0_

We’ve finally gotten round to fixing a couple things on our Survival and Pure Survival servers.

In Survival:

– The Biome Warps menu has been fixed (/warps).
– Removed some data that applied to the old world.
– Shop Map Typo in spawn fixed.
– Firework Maker no longer charges for fireworks.

In Pure Survival:

– Added /music GUI and permissions.
– Donators can no longer mount pets for the meantime.
(This is because people were exploiting pets for superspeed and flying, which gave donators a huge advantage over other players and made Pure Survival a lot less, well… “Pure”)

Any other bugs or issues you come across please report to us either on the Forums or in the #suggestions-feedback channel of our Discord.

– zZer0_