SkyBlock Preset Contest – Results

Posted on February 7, 2020 by wizkrys

Hello everyone! I’m here today with the results to the SkyBlock Preset contest we held over the past weekend. All of the islands looked spectacular, and it was a pretty close call! However, in the end we managed to narrow down the top 3, so without further ado, let’s hop right into the results!

In Third Place, we have XxToastyWaffles at plot 2 with his “Easy Mode” presets!

Third Place

In Second Place, we have Jrbowser121 at plot 14 with his array of simplistic islands!

Second Place

And finally, in First Place, we have W0lfZZZ at plot 1 with his incredibly detailed and unique presets!

First Place

Congratulations to our top 3! Alongside them, the following players have also earned enough points for some extra tokens:
000person000 at plot 3
Guinner at plot 4
ArtemisErazer at plot 7
Aval at plot 8
liamplayer at plot 9
BaronHydra at plot 11
LiLDemonChild at plot 12

Congratulations everyone, and thank you for participating! See you at the next event!

-The ClownerCraft Team

Server Boosters and A-List additions

Posted on February 3, 2020 by TheClowner

Today we have released 4 “Survival Boosters” on our store, allowing you to pay for all players to access certain commands for a limited time.

The available boosters are:

  • /fly for 30 minutes – 5.00 USD
  • /fix for 10 minutes – 5.00 USD
  • /feed for 30 minutes – 3.00 USD
  • /echest for 2 hours – 3.00 USD

We’ve also added portable furnaces to A-List members on Survival.

Use /pf create [ID] to create a furnace, and /pf open [ID] to open it and smelt stuffs.

Skyblock Is Here! (+ SniperTown Fix)

Posted on January 20, 2020 by zZer0

You heard it from the title, Skyblock has arrived to the Network! You’ll be able to get there using /skyblock. It is worth mentioning much like the previous announcement that the server will be in the BETA stage for a while, to make sure everything works properly and to add more ranks, island presets and challenges as time passes.

Commands you have access to by default includes:
– /sethome [name] – /tpa [name] – /tpaccept /tpdeny
– /tpahere
– /back
– /msg [name] [message] – /report [message] – /status [ticket ID] – Lock Chest, Doors, Furnaces etc.
– /lockette
– /auctionhouse

For now, there are 3 ranks to obtain – Novice, Adept and Expert, all with their own prefixes and perks, written up in the spawn area, and from the challenges that are set up it is possible to go to the Nether and End dimensions with enough hard work, so good luck to all who want to speed-run it!

I’m open to make changes with enough feedback, so if there’s anything anybody feels needs changing to make your experience better, please say something in the Skyblock Text Channel of our Discord Server!

(On a side note, SniperTown is now fixed)

Have fun!

A Brand New Server is coming to the Network!

Posted on January 17, 2020 by zZer0

Hey everyone! Today I have a very important announcement.

Due to many reasons discussed within the staff team, we believe it’s time to add a brand new server to our list. So without further ado, we are proud introduce Skyblock!

This is something a lot of people have been suggesting for a while now, and we feel that now is as good a time as any to add a Skyblock Server to the Network.

This doesn’t, however, come without first mentioning a few minor details about plans for it, and the current state in which it stands.

For now, we are releasing it as essentially a “BETA Test”, where we haven’t quite nailed down the fine details of the server, which pretty much means it’s unfinished. But with your feedback, we can over time change Skyblock into something unique – Part of the server that will appeal to and attract a larger audience of the Minecraft Community.

Due to it being a brand new part of the Network, it will be frequently updated with new Challenges, Island Presets and additions that you, the Community, might suggest!

Once the BETA stage is over (once we feel the server feels full enough to run by itself without need for immediate attention) the server will be RESET, and will continue to do so every half a year. This is because we want to give Skyblock more of a “Seasonal” feel, where every 6 months we add new content for people to have a go at, so it doesn’t get boring with it being the same thing forever.

We will be releasing it very soon, so keep a sharp eye out for the announcements so that you know when you can get yourself an island! Any questions or suggestions you might have, feel free to post them in the new Skyblock Text Channel of our Discord Server!


– zZer0_

PureSurvival 2019 / MC 1.14.4 World Download

Posted on January 11, 2020 by TheClowner

For those who may want to have a copy of their builds, bases etc from the previous world from PureSurvival (MC 1.14.4):

You can click here to download the world.

Please be aware that it is a large zip file (over 1.5 GB). And may take a while to download.
You will need to extract the zip file and move it into your single player saves folder (or onto a server) to open the world.

Creative Update & Pure Reset

Posted on January 8, 2020 by TheClowner

Creative and Pure are now both updated to 1.15.1, along with a few additional changes:

  • PureSurvival has had a full world reset, so theres now a fresh world to play in.
  • We have implemented a new creative spawn. 
  • Creative now has Flat and End freebuild worlds, accessible with /rtp flat or /rtp end
    (use /rtp vanilla for the normal freebuild)
  • We’ve added custom maps to the tokenshop on Creative and PureSurvival.
    These include some solid colours, stripes and flags, as well as a few random others. We’d love to know any ideas you’d have for others we could add- so please share any ideas on our discord server.

We hope you’ll enjoy the cute little bees!
~The ClownerCraft Team

The Current State of Survival’s Economy

Posted on by wizkrys

Hey everyone, so I’m just gonna cut straight to the chase here – the survival economy isn’t really that great right now. Ever since we reset it last year, it immediately became more broken than it had been previously. This of course was due to our own errors by pricing certain things in the server sell shop without thinking through the logistics of it, thus making it very easy for people to make a lot of money right of the bat. This has resulted in the top three players in terms of the economy being significantly richer than the rest of the server – if you take the balances of the top three players and add them together, the total comes out to make up more than half of all of the money on the entire server. Obviously this is not ideal, as this has caused these players to gain an unprecedented advantage over everyone else that the rest of the player base will likely never catch up to, especially with our new shop prices in place. We’ve been trying to think of ways to repair the economy, but unfortunately there is very little we can actually do, and we understand that no matter what course of action we take, there will still be people who are upset with our decision. That being said, after several months of thinking, it has been decided that survival’s economy is going to be reset again.

We know that for the more wealthy players on the server, this decision is not ideal in the slightest. However, when making this decision we had to take a look at both the wealthy players and the not-so-wealthy players. What it boils down to is the fact that everyone deserves to have equal opportunities to gain money on the server without us messing it up on our end either. Keeping that in mind, we’re going to be changing a few things this time around to try and keep the economy as stable as we possibly can:

1) There will no longer be a server sell shop. We will be eliminating it with the intention that player-owned shops will dictate the economy. This way, the players can choose their own sell prices instead of basing it around our sell prices. This also prevents the possibility of us being able to price certain items to be worth more than they actually are.
2) A new shopping island will be made in spawn to make all of the player shops significantly easier to find. The way the player shops in spawn currently are, it’s hard to find all of them because they’re all scattered around the spawn island as a whole. A lot of you said in our player feedback survey that the shops are very confusing to navigate, so we wanted to centralize all of them so that you can locate and utilize them with ease.
3) Items in the token shop will have their prices changed to flow better with the money economy. While tokens themselves will not be getting reset, the prices of certain items will be adjusted to fit in more naturally with the money economy, which in the long run will hopefully make it easier for players to earn money as a whole.
4) Voting rewards will be adjusted to allow for players to earn money from voting once more. We used to have in-game money as a reward for voting as opposed to just tokens, but with this economy reset and there being no server sell shop we need to provide a source of income to help players get started. As such, voting rewards will give survival money alongside tokens.

We will be working on rolling this update over the next few months, and we’re aiming to have everything done by mid to late March. Everyone will be notified exactly when everything is happening, but this is to serve as a notice that changes are coming and to utilize your money now before it’s gone. In the meantime, if you have any other suggestions or feedback for the economy feel free to let us know on Discord.

Thanks as always,
The ClownerCraft Team

It’s Bee Time.

Posted on January 1, 2020 by TheClowner

This Friday. 10AM GMT. Survival will be offline for maintenance.

Should take under an hour. Then we will have these cute little things!

If you are yet to figure out, we will be updating Survival to 1.15.1, and this will also include a Nether, End and Explore reset however the main building worlds will not change.

We will also be updating Creative and Pure next Wednesday 8th unless things go horribly wrong. Pure Survival will have a full world reset with this update. 

Double Voting Tokens week!

Posted on by TheClowner

Until January 10th, every vote will give double the usual amount of tokens, 6 per vote instead of 3!


Please do head over to and help us reach more players!

The Third Official Clownercraft Build Showcase!

Posted on by verSTANdigYT

Welcome back to the official Clownercraft build showcase, this time with a build by MathTooKool.

This month were showcasing a yet to be named build by MathTooKool, A big castle-like structure on the side of a mountain.
It goes up and down throughout the mountain Which totally doesn’t make you get lost in it , making it feel extra big.

Here are the screenshots, this time formatted a bit nicer : )

MathTooKool Build showcase

Here are some words by MathTooKool herself:
This build was started the day the server reset, and i’ve been building it ever since (with a lot of off time).
I was teleporting around trying to find a place to build, when i found these mountains and decided that this was the place.
I really wanted to do something, medival this time since both my aztec and modern had ben modernstyle highrise buildings.
At the moment the only finished, part of the build are the three mountain peaks, a bridge and a tiny fortress.
There will be a city in the future. The inside of the mountains, consists of some great halls and loads of level, with a lot of hallways.
This means the place doubles as a labyrinth (not planned). I tried to keep most of the landscape, but some landscaping could not be avoided.
The materials were chosen, by what i think would suit a medivak style place, and was simply chosen since i like it.
It is as of now nameless, so if anyone has a suggestion i would not mind hearing it.

Well that’s it for this months build showcase, don’t forget to discuss what you thought of it right here on the forums, on our discord or maybe join us on our server!
-verSTANdigYT and the rest of the Build and Staff teams