A Few Fixes to Survival and Pure.

Posted on August 20, 2019 by zZer0_

We’ve finally gotten round to fixing a couple things on our Survival and Pure Survival servers.

In Survival:

– The Biome Warps menu has been fixed (/warps).
– Removed some data that applied to the old world.
– Shop Map Typo in spawn fixed.
– Firework Maker no longer charges for fireworks.

In Pure Survival:

– Added /music GUI and permissions.
– Donators can no longer mount pets for the meantime.
(This is because people were exploiting pets for superspeed and flying, which gave donators a huge advantage over other players and made Pure Survival a lot less, well… “Pure”)

Any other bugs or issues you come across please report to us either on the Forums or in the #suggestions-feedback channel of our Discord.

– zZer0_

Upcoming Contests!

Posted on August 9, 2019 by zZer0_

Hey everyone, just a quick announcement that we have been talking about the future of contests since we recently started them again and have planned the next 8 upcoming ones. Head on over to the Calendar and take a gander at everything we have planned!

We are glad to have contests back up and running again as it is something a lot of players had been asking about for a while, and we hope that you enjoy everything we have ready for everybody to enjoy!

Stay awesome and happy building!

– zZer0_

Summer Build Contest Results!

Posted on by zZer0_

The Summer Build Contest Results are in!

Thank you to everybody that participated in the contest, we saw some amazing builds and loved the ideas everybody came up with. Having said that, here are the winners!

Third Place: Prezeey (Plot 20), the winner of 100 Tokens, $50,000 and a Trophy Item.

Second Place: Kerplis (Plot 15), the winner of 125 Tokens, $75,000 and a Trophy Item.

First Place: Bravagorr (Plot 12), the winner of 150 Tokens, $100,000 and a Trophy Item.

Catch me online to get your Trophy Items or tag me on the Discord in #general whenever you’re online. To those who won tokens from lower scoring plots, you will see them added to your balance soon.

Thanks again everybody for participating, and we hope to see some more awesome builds in future contests!

– zZer0_

[VIP/VIP+] Updates to Sorting

Posted on August 7, 2019 by TheClowner

Theres been a few changes to the way that sorting chests will work, for Supporter, VIP and VIP+ Members.

/sort will still enable or disable automatic sorting when you open the chest. This however doesn’t affect whether you can sort a chest using ‘hotkeys.’ By default, we’ve now set the hotkey sorting to be disabled. You can enable and disable the hotkey combinations you want with /chestsort hotkeys. The hotkeys supported are Middle clicking anywhere within the chest and Shift+Left Click, Shift + Right Click, Double Clicking on an empty spot.

This applies to Survival, Creative and PureSurvival.

We hope this will help prevent accidental sorting.

Build Contest is over!

Posted on August 5, 2019 by zZer0_

Thanks to everybody that signed up and sorry to those who tried to sign up when it was too late – There are some awesome plots from the looks of it so good job 😀

For the moment, I’m unsure on a certain date for when the results will be announced – It should likely be this week.

The next contest is planned and upcoming but suggestions for contests we can do in the future are always appreciated in the #suggestions-feedback channel of our Discord server!

Enjoy the rest of the server and the hype for the upcoming results for the time being ^^

– zZer0_

Summer Build Contest has begun!

Posted on August 2, 2019 by zZer0_

The Summer Build Contest has begun!

Check on the plots board for which plot has been claimed as yours. Make your way over to the plot and start building 😀

* 1.14 Blocks should now be accessible.

Building will end on Monday at 6 PM BST (Same time as now). Giving an extra 24 hours to build as the original time given felt a little short for the contest.

Good luck and have fun to all and I hope to see some awesome builds!

– zZer0_

Server Updates: 1 August 2019

Posted on August 1, 2019 by TheClowner

Some more updates today, specifically to VIP member perks:

/rename, /relore etc are now available again on Survival, Creative and PureSurvival. This should also work with the new items from 1.14.

We’ve replaced the chest sorting plugin on Survival. VIP users can use /invsort to sort  their inventories (use /invsort all to include hotbar), and should be able to use shift+click to sort in chests (as well as /chestsort to enable automatic sorting!).

We will also have some news to share regarding our paid ranks in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!

Shop fixes. Server Update 27 July 2019

Posted on July 27, 2019 by TheClowner

Managed to track down the issue with the player shops, and have now got them fixed.

You will however have to recreate all your player shop signs, but once you’ve done that they should function just as they did before!

As always, please report any issues you do encounter – either on our discord, forums or with /report.

Posted on July 26, 2019 by zZer0_

Hello everybody!

I’m sure this is an announcement you have all been waiting for and I am happy to say, Build Contests are back! 😀

The theme of this contest is Summer, so go wild with your imagination! You will be able to claim plots by writing /report contest from anywhere in the world. I’m giving a week to claim plots as it is the first contest in a while and may take some time for everybody to realise it’s there. Details on times/dates can be found in the events world, which you can get to by writing /contest.

I’m hoping that with this we can start bringing back contests regularly, and I will continue to keep on top of them as much as I can. They might not be as regular as they may have once been, but we can slowly ease in to a good gap between each contest’s start and end so that they don’t become overwhelming while also trying to keep them regular enough that people will stay interested.

Good luck and have fun to everybody that enters! Prizes will be figured out some time this week – Keep an eye on the Prizes board at /contest!

– zZer0_

Player Shop Issues & Snipertown. Server Update 23 Jul 2019

Posted on July 23, 2019 by TheClowner

Hey all,

We’ve unfortunately run into problems with the plugin that provides the chest based player shops, which means they are currently not functional. If you have a rented shop, please make sure your shop chests are locked with a [Private] sign, while we work on fixing the shops themselves.

On a positive though, we have fixed a couple of permissions issues that prevented you from joining SniperTown, so you can go and play that again now and earn yourselves some well earned tokens.