Introducing the Community Manager role, and an Ask Us Almost Anything session for the next 3 days!

Posted on April 30, 2019 by zZer0_

Hello all!

I am glad to announce that myself (zZer0_) and Guinner have been promoted to Community Manager.

The point of the Community Manager role is for the server to get a lot more engaged in conversations with the players; to take ideas down, to answer questions and to create new events for the community to get involved in.

The reason for having two Community Managers as opposed to one is so that we can cover time-zones much better, so that we can answer your concerns as often as possible rather than possibly having to wait hours for a response.

– Ask Us Almost Anything –

So, with the rise of the Community Manager role, we are going to be hosting an Ask Us Almost Anything thread on the forums where you, the players, are able to ask us almost any question and we will try to answer it as best we can! Be it about the server or anything else, we aren’t that fussed on what questions are asked, however some questions may not get answered if there are questions regarding private matters or genuinely just things we can’t answer. Though you may ask us what our favourite breakfast food is!

The thread will last roughly 3 days and questions will be answered when they can be answered. Remember, we all have our sleeping schedules so we may not be able to answer immediately!

Head over to the Forums to check it out! (Click Here)

1.14 Client Support

Posted on April 24, 2019 by TheClowner

As many have probably realised, Minecraft 1.14 came out yesterday.
ClownerCraft now supports connections with 1.14 clients, although the server is still running on 1.13.2. This means you don’t need to downgrade your game to play on ClownerCraft, but you wont be able to use the new features/items yet.

More details about when we fully update to 1.14 will be released once we have a better idea of what things get broken.

Minecraft 1.14

Posted on April 22, 2019 by TheClowner

Hi all,
The new update is almost upon us… and again, we have to share a few things we’re planning to do around this update. But first, the usual disclaimer:

We wont be able to update for a fair amount of time after the official release, we may have to wait for a lot of plugins to update and all. Until the update is actually released we will not know how long it will be for us to update. Please be patient. 

And now on to the more interesting bit:

  • Survival and Creative’s building worlds will not be reset.
  • Survival’s Explore, Nether and End will be regenerated.
  • New items will be added to the Survival server shop, and tokenshop.
  • PureSurvival will have a full world reset.
  • We hope to launch our new hub and relaunch gladiator alongside the 1.14 update.

Please share your thoughts with us in the #suggestions-feedback channel on our discord server.

Server Update – 1 April

Posted on April 1, 2019 by TheClowner


Hey all,
Just a couple quick updates for you all:

  • VIP and VIP+ members can now use colour and format codes on signs (in Survival, Creative and PureSurvival).
  • Our ranks page, and the store have had the list of perks for paid ranks updated.
  • Permissions for the Armour Stand Editor have been corrected. It should now work fine for VIP and VIP+ members only.

Let there be noise!

Posted on January 19, 2019 by TheClowner

Hey all, a quick update to VIP for you:

We have introduced a music player to survival for VIP and VIP players! And it plays a small selection of custom songs. You can open it with /music

There’s only 6 choices for now, but we may add more in the future. This is more of a trial run, so please share your feedback with us in our discord server. We will roll this new feature out to other servers in the near future.


Server Update 19/1/2019

Posted on by TheClowner

Hey all, Just a few quick changes to note today:

  • /pet has been fixed for Supporter, VIP and VIP+ on Survival
  • Several missing custom maps from Survival’s spawn have been fixed.
  • Issues with Survival’s rent-able shops should now be resolved
  • /ranks guide, /ranks joint and /ranks skip have all now been finished, making it much easier to learn how our rankup system works!

We are also still of course working on the new hub, along with a handful of other projects, so watch this space for new things.

Cliff House Contest Results!

Posted on January 18, 2019 by TheClowner

Hey All,

Was great to see a fair number of people building in the contest. Here we have the winners…

Firstly, notable mentions. These people managed to score more than 40 points and thus won 10 tokens each:
Rebeck (plot 10), InferredIt (plot 11) and NBdistroyer (plot 13)

And in third place:
polo700 on Plot 9



In second place:
Bravagorr on Plot 1


And the first place winner:
RemoveSlime on Plot 14

For those who won, your tokens should already be awarded, and you’ll find your trophy items at /warp prize on Survival.

If you wish to download a copy of the contest world – click here.

Our next contest, starting on Friday 25th January will be a parkour course contest! You’ll be able to sign up for plot from Monday 21st.

‘Cliff House’ Build contest!

Posted on January 7, 2019 by TheClowner

We’re pleased to announce our first build contest of 2019:

“Cliff* House” Theme

*Cliffs Not Provided

This contest will start on Friday 11th January, at 6pm GMT/1pm EST, and ends on Sunday 13th at the same time! There’s plenty of tokens up for grabs, so head on over to /contest now to claim your plot in the contest!

As with all our contests, we will announce the winners on the following Thursday.

We’ll publish the dates and themes of our other upcoming contests soon.
Good Luck!

More Coming Soon™

Posted on December 28, 2018 by TheClowner

Just to prove that we are actually making progress on the new hub and not just getting distracted playing cookie clicker, 2048 or whatever… have some more screenshots

Gingerbread Contest Results!

Posted on by TheClowner

We had a wonderful range of builds as usual, and here are those who won:

First off, a special mention for those who scored more than 40 points:
ReadeObsidinis & Cartografox on Plot 2, TurnThePaiges, Beanana & rvthie on Plot 8 and Loopyninja on Plot 10

In third place:

CoalKza & MathToKool
on Plot 13

In Second Place:

pheonixflyer13, MrSatan188 & FerntasticFern
on Plot 7

And in First Place:

Sucrisia & Scorpiodin
on Plot 12

If you’re lucky enough to win then your tokens have been awarded, and you can find your trophy items at /warp prize on Survival.

And you can download a copy of the contest world by clicking here.