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ClownerCraft is a family friendly minecraft server, with it's roots in the building side of Minecraft. We've now expanded into a network, catering for a wide range of players - but our values haven't changed.

Our most popular server is our non-PVP, building based survival server. This is what we started as. Everything on that server is geared to allow you to build to your hearts content (in survival though...). The server has a zero-tolerance for griefing, and our staff will promptly repair griefs for you. The survival server also has a rank-up system based around building, with 6 ranks you can earn. Each rank gives you access to several perks that will help make your next project even bigger and better! We like to encourage people to enjoy building, and to be original, and most of our players find this very rewarding.

We also run a creative server, which has plots and a free-build world (although the free-build is restricted until you get the first rank). And the creative has a similar rank-up system to survival. All players have access to a restricted set of worldedit commands, and you get more of these as you rank-up on creative.

And on top of the Survival and Creative, we have PureSurvival (Semi-vanilla) and a whole host of minigames - including some you'll only find on our network!

Our network was built to be different, to break the mould of what Minecraft servers were at the time. Over the four years our community has grown, and most of them are very friendly. We've worked hard to make it a really refined experience. And we're not stopping there, we have plenty of secret projects and new features planned to bring to the network.

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Our Servers: Survival, Creative and Minigames
We're a network with many different servers, Our most popular are the Survival and Creative servers - but theres also a selection of other minigames.Across the entire network you can earn and spend 'Prize Tokens.' These can be used to buy special items (such as decorative player heads) on the Building-Based servers, or can be spent on kits in some of our minigames.
Survival: Non-PVP, No Grief, Building Ranks

ClownerCraft started as a Non-PVP survival server. It's the thing we do best!

Our survival server has always been a place for building, and it's geared towards that as much as possible. With 6 ranks you can earn through building, each giving you additional perks that can help you build your next masterpiece!

It's a safe place for your builds, with a zero tolerance of Griefing or Raiding.

Access with /survival or join survival.clownercraft.net

Creative: Plots and Freebuild, with Building Ranks

Much like our survival server, Creative has ranks! There are 4 ranks based on building, each giving access to useful commands and tools. The Creative server has both a plots world as well as a free build (Although the free build is restricted until you reach the first rank.)

All players have a limited access to worldedit, as well as other tools, to help speed up the process of building!

Access with /creative or join creative.clownercraft.net

PureSurvival: Semi-Vanilla Survival

Survival. No artificial flavours or colours, and no added sugar. It's like the diet version of ClownerCraft - without excessive amounts of plugins. For those wanting a more vanilla feel.

PureSurvival is also no PVP, no Grief. However, it has no ranks, and only the bare essential commands. /rtp, /tpa and /home.

Access with /ps or join ps.clownercraft.net


Every few weeks we try to run a server event. These can be build contests, scavenger hunts, tournaments among other things. Winners are awarded our network currency of 'tokens'

To see upcoming events, please look at our calendar page.

SniperTown [Exclusive Minigame]
A minigame where you Shoot people (on the other team). Try not to get shot. And that's all you have to do.Every time you die though, you lose a piece of armour, and this also has a chance of giving some back to the opposing team. You're out of the game once you lose all your armour and bow.Kits are available. Go to the hub in order to play snipertown. SniperTown was created on the ClownerCraft network - originally by our player community, you can only play it on our network!
SpherePVP [Exclusive Minigame]

SpherePVP is where you play PVP, in 5 spheres.

Starting in one, you have the grace period to gather what resources you can, and then must defend yourself. At the end of each round you can keep up to 5 slots of items for the next.

Each sphere has different resources, but they don't repeat themselves.

Access via the hub server.

SpherePVP was created on the ClownerCraft network, you can only play it here!


We also have a selection of other minigames:

  • Survival Games - with four custom built arenas
  • Gladiator - Wave based mob arena, with bosses.
  • Bounce - Our lovely trampoline park located in our hub!
  • Parkour - a timed parkour course, in the hub.

And we have more exclusive minigames and other fun servers in the works! Got an idea? Why not post your suggestion on our forums.

Next Contest/Event

There are no upcoming events to display at this time.

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