✪ ClownerCraft: A Network for Building ✪

We are a family friendly minecraft network, rooted in the creativity of building in minecraft. We aim to be different and to give a safe place to experiment with creativity.

✪ Our main servers feature a unique building based rankup system,
where each rank earns you more perks to help make your next project even better than the last!

✪ Our Survival Servers have no PVP 
So you're safe to go ahead and build whatever you want with no fears of other players ruining your fun!

✪ Survival and Creative feature multiple building worlds 
Whether you want to build in a flat plot, vanilla terrain, custom terrain we have a world for you!

✪ Survival has separate worlds for resources
We have extra worlds which we can reset more regularly, so theres always access to resources without the need to reset everyone's builds!

✪ We run regular contests and other events
Including community building projects, and a variety of themed build contests. You can see upcoming events on our events calendar page

✪ We've existed for over six years!
ClownerCraft was started back in 2013.
We don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Join Our Network

Minecraft IP: play.clownercraft.net
Discord: discord.gg/rf53Xrk

Want to join a specific server every time?
Use these IPs below to always join the server you play on most.

Survival: survival.clownercraft.net
Creative: creative.clownercraft.net
PureSurvival: pure.clownercraft.net

Next Contest/Event

July Community Build
Jul 17 @ 6:00 pm – Jul 24 @ 7:00 pm

A chance to work together with other members of the ClownerCraft Community and build something together!

The theme will be decided from a poll on discord available a week beforehand.

Building runs from Friday July 17th to Friday July 24th

ClownerCraft Network

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