About Our Network

This page gives some additional information about the network we run, which may be of interest to some people. It may also help with the occasional chat quiz!

Network Tech Spec

Some people like to know useless technical details, so here they are:

The ClownerCraft Network is hosted on a dedicated server in Beauharnois, Canada. Our Server runs with an Intel Xeon E5 @ 3.6 GHz, with 64GB of RAM - which is distributed over all our servers.  We're behind OVH's Anti-DDoS infrastructure, which automatically mitigates any attacks on us.

We run all our Minecraft servers on Spigot (A modified version of CraftBukkit), controlled from a central control panel. All connections to our network go through our BungeeCord proxy server.

The server's main website, forums and some other utilities run through a Plesk Control panel all on the same machine as the Minecraft network.


ClownerCraft is entirely funded by payments made through our webstore, and by a small amount of Ad revenue from our website.

In the interests of being transparent, I'll list the things we pay for regularly - and how much each costs (rounded to the nearest $). While a lot of these aren't strictly necessary to run a minecraft network, they're quite handy and make our lives easier - and our community are generous enough that we can afford this!

Our regular costs:

  • Server Hosting (including a Plesk Licence) - $66/month
  • Minecraft Control Panel Licence - $14/month
  • Buycraft Licence - $10-15/month (varies on exchange rates)
  • Website Domain & Domain Privacy - $35-$40/year (varies on exchange rates)
  • SSL - $65-$80/year (varies on exchange rate)
  • Advertising - $50/month

Please also note that with every payment we receive on our store - Paypal take a small fee out of it. This is on average a little under 10% (It's actually a fixed fee plus a percentage of each transaction - so the cut is larger if we receive many smaller purchases).

Any additional funds are kept to be used for a few different reasons:

  • Money is put aside so we can continue to cover our costs if we don't make enough one month
  • To cover other one off expenses, like plugin development.
  • Or be given away to charity on occasion