Apply to join our Staff or Build Teams

ClownerCraft has been running for several years now, and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of our staff members, builders and developers. Our team is made up of several dedicated volunteers who spend their time making the network a better place for the community. If you'd like to be invovled, here's a rundown of the responsibilities of each of the different roles available:

About the Roles:

Trainee Moderator:
Our Moderator team are responsible for much of the day-to-day management of the server. Our moderators can often end up dealing with argumentative and frustrated players, and may have to settle disputes between others on the network, alongside helping ensure everyone is playing fairly and within the rules.
The key responsibilities are:

  • Reviewing rankup requests
  • Repairing grief
  • Moderating the network chat and discord server
  • Answering other players queries and helping them understand the network's main features.

Build Team:
The build team is responsible for working on new features and additions to the network, and includes both builder and developer roles.

Builders will, naturally, build the areas used for various server features, such as minigame arenas, server spawns, contest spawns as well as the occasional random project for fun. This will require working with other team members and matching existing styles, and working within someone else's plan.

Developers are expected to work on many of the behind the scenes plugins. Primarily writing and updating custom plugins for new features and minigames.

The Requirements

Regardless of which role you apply for, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Be an active┬ámember of the ClownerCraft community, both on the Minecraft network and discord server.
  • You must never have been banned or permanently muted from the network.
  • You should have a good working knowledge of most of the network's features.
  • You need to have played on the server for at least three months, ideally reaching at least Bronze (survival) or Worker (creative) rank.
  • You will need a discord account and be a member of our official discord server.
  • Trainee-Mod: Be mature enough to handle a wide range of topics and situations.
  • Trainee-Mod: Be comfortable seeing and dealing with adult or inappropriate references, in order to recognise and remove these when necessary.
  • Builder: You'll need to be a capable builder, able to work in a variety of styles.
  • Builder: Be able to match and work within the constraints of existing styles or plans.
  • Developer: You'll need a strong knowledge of both Java and the Bukkit/Spigot/Paper APIs
  • Developer: Experience with configuring and managing minecraft servers ideal, but not essential.

Fill out your application

If you feel you'd be a good fit for the team, and would like to join, please fill out an application with the form below.
You can apply for both Trainee-Moderator and the build team, but you'll need to fill out the form twice to do so.