Are you struggling with something. ClownerCraft has guides aimed to help you build better, as well as explaining a lot of the more complicated parts of our server network.

Server Guides

Guides explaining how some of the core mechanics of our servers work.

Ranking Up (Survival and Creative)

A guide on how to work through our rankup system. Covering how to request a build to be reviewed, and how to see the response.

Economy (Survival)

A guide to earning and spending your money on the Survival server.

Reporting players, issues or suggestions

A guide to the different ways of contacting the staff about a problem.

Coming Soon

Building Guides

Guides to help you improve your building skill.

Plugin Guides

Guides for some of the plugins we have on some servers, including paid perks.

Interior Object Reference

A selection of different ways of building common interior items.

Coming Soon.