Network Update: GUIs and Snipertown

Posted on August 25, 2020 by TheClowner

A few small changes we’ve made over the past few days:

  • Snipertown now actually gives you your items again, rather than leaving you to fight with no bow…
  • /warps  GUI has been updated on survival to match our current selection of warps
    • Including /warps biome for vanilla world biomes
    • /warps explore for explore world biomes
    • /warps player for player build warps.
  • /servers GUI has been updated across the network, now including carnival and events!


If you have any suggestions or issues, please make sure to let us know by posting in #suggestions-feedback on our discord server.

Vote Reward Updates

Posted on August 19, 2020 by TheClowner

Hi all,
We’ve introduced some exciting new vote rewards, given for passing milestones:

  • Passing 100, 200 or 500 votes gets a bonus $1000
  • Passing 1000 votes gets an Elytra in survival
  • Passing 1500 and 2000 votes gets 4 Netherite Ingots in survival
  • Passing 5k votes gets 64 dirt in survival
  • Passing 10k votes gets 64 ‘Premium Dirt’ in survival

These should help newer players to get a footing into the economy in the future, but we’d love to hear any of your ideas or feedback in #suggestions-feedback on our official discord.

Also I guess this is a reminder that voting is a very helpful thing you should do, and now there’s even more reasons to do it! So head on over to our vote page to start building up your tokens stockpile!

Update: 1.16.2 Client Support, Game & Shop Fixes

Posted on August 12, 2020 by TheClowner

A few little updates for you all today:

  • ClownerCraft now supports clients from 1.8 -> 1.16.2,
    although servers still run on 1.16.1, so you can’t place horizontal chains quite yet.
  • Issues with the arcade/inventory gams in carnival and the hub have now been fixed. You can resume clicking cookies.
  • Issues with rent-shops in survival have been fixed, the signs should all be fine.
    For anyone who’s rent was close to running out we’ve extended the rent to cover the next two weeks since you were unable to extend your rent recently. 

We will aim to update our sandbox servers to 1.16.2 as soon as possible, but we are waiting to be sure everything will continue to work correctly before moving forward with that.

Network Update: Heads Fixes

Posted on August 4, 2020 by TheClowner

We’ve now fixed some issues people have been reporting with custom player heads:

  • The head packs available on now actually give custom heads, named correctly.
    Also, incase you didn’t kn0w – you can buy packs of heads on our online store, if you need them in bulk and don’t have tokens 🙂
  • Heads will no longer change to Steve heads when opening your inventory in creative

Some small updates:

Posted on July 23, 2020 by Toasty

Following our recent upgrade to 1.16, we have made some minor improvements and fixed various issues you have reported to us! Below is a list of the notable changes we have made as of recent:

  • The Survival Starter help book has been updated to include more relevant information, this can be acquired using /kit info in the survival server.
  • The TAB formatting for all servers has been updated so that you can see the number of players on each server at one time.
  • You can now use server commands across the network using TAB to complete them, for example /carnival, /gladiator etc.
  • Various issues in the /warp shop area have been fixed.
  • /bm can now be used in creative instead of /banner for the BannerMaker plugin.
  • The token shop won’t take your tokens if your inventory is full.

If you have any issues across the network please post in the #suggestions-feedback channel in our discord so we can fix them!

A few small updates

Posted on July 14, 2020 by TheClowner

Just a couple of small fixes and updates today,

  • /pet is now available again in Survival/Creative/Pure for VIP players
  • VIP users should be able to use formatting codes (&k -> o) in /rename, /relore etc.
  • Made the hub carousel work when walking up and getting into a minecart, rather than having to use the sign
  • Added direct IP to join carnival
  • Added /carnival as an alias of /server carnival
  • Added /hdb to creative for a wider range of heads. Each head will cost 1 token still.

Advanced Warning: Network Downtime Friday 3rd/Saturday 4th July

Posted on June 30, 2020 by TheClowner

Quick update to warn you all that the entire ClownerCraft Network will be offline for a short while on Friday 3rd July from 2pm GMT // 11am EDT as we make some key updates to the network in preparation to update servers to 1.16.

We expect this should only last about half an hour, although Survival may have to be offline for slightly longer (Around an hour).

We will then also have a second session of downtime for Survival on Saturday 4th July from 11am GMT // 6am EDT.  The rest of our servers will still be available in this time.

This could last several hours, as we will (fingers crossed) be bringing the Nether Update to Survival! We are currently waiting on the new worlds to finish generating, so there is a possibility we may have to delay this slightly – please join our official discord server for regular updates. Creative and PureSurvival will also be updated to 1.16 soon, however we’re wanting to focus our attention on one server at a time to ensure things go smoothly.

If you missed our previous posts, it might be worth reading them to be aware of what is changing with the nether update. The short of it is Survival’s Explore, Nether and End will reset, PureSurvival will reset and Survival and Creative will both have dedicated building nether worlds.

Minecraft 1.16 – The Plans

Posted on June 26, 2020 by TheClowner


Our 1.16 update will happen when it does, we can’t give any good estimates yet. Some things will change, including: New Nethers for Survival, Nether Freebuild for creative, PureSurvival Reset and Carnival is going to be delayed until July 11th.

The Whole thing

As I’m sure you’re aware, updates often cause a bunch of headaches for servers – with many of the plugins we use to add extra features on top of vanilla requiring updates. We have started testing everything we use, and once we have an idea of how much is broken we will have a better idea of timings for updating servers.

However, with things moving slightly faster than we anticipated with 1.16, we’ve decided it’s best to push back the release of Carnival just a little bit so that we give ourselves time to prepare for 1.16 as well. The new release date for carnival will be July 11th.

In the meantime I can share what our plans are for the update in a little more detail:


  • We will aim to allow backwards compatability with older versions of the game, so even after the update you could continue playing on 1.15.2 while waiting for optifine to update, for example.
    • Naturally, all the new features may look like other items, so things could get a bit weird, Hence we wouldn’t recommend playing on an older version – just want to let you know you’ll have the option.


  • Survival will now have two Nethers
    • One for building (Building Nether)
    • One for resources (Explore Nether)
  • In place of warps to each world, Nether portals will function again.
    • The Vanilla World and Building Nether will link via portals
    • The Explore world and Explore Nether will link via portals
    • The end will only be accessible through strongholds in the Explore world.
  • The Explore, Nether and End worlds will all be reset with the update.
  • We will add some of the new building resources to the token shop and server shop
    • Some items may not be added to the shops to encourage people to buy/sell the new items in player shops.


  • PureSurvival will receive a full world reset alongside the update.
  • The old world will be made available for download.


  • We will introduce a new Freebuild Nether world, to alongside the existing Vanilla, Flat and End freebuild worlds.


  • If you haven’t seen our recent announcement, Skyblock will be closing on July 17th, and thus we don’t plan to update it to 1.16.1.

1.16 Client Support

Posted on June 23, 2020 by TheClowner

ClownerCraft is still running on 1.15.2, this is not the full update.

We are now able to support 1.16 clients, so you do not need to downgrade in order to play ClownerCraft. However all servers are still running on 1.15.2 – so there isn’t access to any new features yet.

Stay tuned for more details about the update in the near future.

PS. You could also even join with an older version of the game, and things would be just fine, although bees may look weird. But you know, technically 1.9.x -> 1.16 clients can join. I’d suggest 1.15.2 for the best experience in Survival/Creative though.

Some Small Updates:

Posted on by TheClowner

We have done a few minor changes to Survival recently, so just to round up the major improvements:

  • TokenCrates at /warp bank will now tell you the exact time you need to wait before you can buy more crates.
  • We have chosen to remove Horse Locking, as this is not a feature that was heavily used anymore and we are still able to log and rollback if someone’s horses are killed.
    • This also fixes the bug causing all horses to be invulnerable.
  • We also believe that hoppers should now function correctly, so please let us know if you experience any more issues with hoppers. (I mean, we think it was fixed a while ago and we just never said anything at the time…)

With 1.16’s release being today, I’m sure many of you will also have questions, and we will post an update soon regarding what’s going to change/happen, but we are waiting to see how much breaks. We aim to update Survival/Creative/PureSurvival within a few weeks, but the exact time scale is hard to predict right now.

If you have a burning question, please do post it in #questions on discord