Network Maintainance – Downtime 24 July **(NOT 1.13)**

Hey Guys,

In order to help prepare for 1.13, and allow 1.13 clients to login, we’re going to have to take the network offline for a short while tomorrow: The entire network will be offline from 10am BST (5AM EST), for at most 2 hours on TUESDAY 24th JULY

This is to allow us to install viaVersion accross the network to support 1.13 clients, We will also be updating some of our other plugins, in preparation for 1.13.
This IS NOT the 1.13 update, the new features will not be available yet. There is still no ETA for full 1.13 update.

After this downtime you should be able to connect with either 1.12.2 or 1.13, although please be aware the servers will still act like 1.12.2 – hence you wont be able to use any of the new features. 1.13 clients may experience some issues with connected blocks (fences, redstone) not appearing connected – this is just a visual issue, and the block should act as normal. If you have any issues please make a member of staff aware of them.

1.13 Update – Delays

So, as pretty much everyone would have gathered… we wont be updating on Monday like we were aiming too.

1.13 is a very big update, with a lot of technical changes that break a lot of the plugins we use, and as of yet theres no 1.13 build of spigot. On top of all that, vanilla has some pretty serious bugs and issues with world upgrading among other things…

For now I cannot give any ETA on when we will be doing the update, if we’re lucky it will be by the end of next week, if not we may have to wait another couple of weeks before we update to 1.13.

You can continue to play with 1.12.2, and we will try to support 1.13 clients as soon as possible.

1.13 Progress – Changing Plans

So today is the day 1.13 should release.

As anyone on our official discord will have seen, we’ve run into some issues with our plans for the world reset, and as such – we’ve had to make a few changes to our plans.

The main world on survival is being reset with 1.13

  • It will be replaced with two separate worlds:
    • One generated with vanilla 1.13, including all the new features.
    • One generated in 1.12, but with the custom terrain we’ve already been showing screenshots of. You’ll still be able to use all the 1.13 blocks and features, they just wont naturally spawn in this world.
    • Your inventory will be shared across both worlds.
  • Both these worlds will start with a smaller world border of 8000 by 8000 blocks, but will later be expanded.
  • You will have at least 3 weeks where the new worlds will be run alongside the current world, giving you time to move all your items.
  • You can still submit rank-ups in the old world up until it is closed.
  • There will be a world download provided, however Please use a world downloader mod and download just the parts of the world you particularly want. The world download will be big, and we can’t guarantee it will work.

We’ve decided this was the best option for the server going forward, and we didn’t want to leave a world reset hanging in the near future for too much longer, so we’d rather just get it done so that people can start to build and enjoy the new update. I appreciate that not everyone will be happy with our decision, but this is what we felt was going to work best for the network as a more permanent solution – and we hope the update will also encourage more players to come back and play on our network.

As said before, Creative will continue as is, and will be updated to allow access to the new features as soon as possible.

PureSurvival will have it’s world border extended, allowing new chunks to generate with the new blocks and features.

When everything is going to happen:

Since the update has only just been released, we’re still looking at everything that we need to update and fix before we can update the server. So all of the dates here are very likely to be delayed. Keep an eye on the Server Updates section of our website to see updates.

  • We aim to update the network as soon as possible – the earliest this will be is Monday 23rd July 2018.
    • This will see the launch of the New Vanilla World for survival.
    • During this time the Nether, End and Explore worlds will be disabled as a lag prevention measure.
    • The new spawn will open, along with many of the new warps (although some will be left until the old world is removed before opening).
    • We may still be working on a few finishing touches around the spawn.
  • The New Custom world for survival will open the following Wednesday.
    • This gives us a little more time to make some adjustments to the custom terrain to get it just that bit better.
  • We will then remove the old world 3 weeks after the update, on Monday 13th August.
    • Alongside this we will reopen the Nether, End and Explore worlds.
    • Survival’s economy will be reset.
    • The new shop and rentable shops in spawn will be available.
    • Our new voting perks will come into affect.
    • A world download for the old world will be released. (It will be a copy of the world from before the 3 week transfer time)


Thank you all for the continued support through this, and we hope to see you all enjoying the new update once we’re there!

We welcome any feedback or suggestions on the forums or on our discord server.

~The ClownerCraft Staff

Minecraft 1.13 Update: What’s happening with ClownerCraft

Mojang have now set a planned release date for Minecraft 1.13 – being Wednesday 18th July.

As many people are aware we have already announced some of what we’re doing with the 1.13 Update, but the full details are included below.

We plan to update the Network on Monday 23rd July. This will mean several hours of downtime while we perform the update, we will update this post closer to the day with accurate times.

It’s incredibly likely this will be delayed depending on which plugins break, or if Mojang delay the update. The dates we publish here are the absolute earliest we could possibly update, so please be prepared for things to take a little longer.

We will be using viaVersion as soon as possible to allow players using 1.12 and 1.13 to connect, but you wont be able to use the new features until we completely update.


  • Survival’s main world will be resetting with this update.
    • You will have three weeks with both the new and old worlds available to transfer items. During this time the Nether, End and Explore worlds will be closed to prevent issues with lag. (If the update happens on the 23rd July, the old world will close on Monday 13th August 2018.)
    • The new world will have custom world generation, with a mixture of vanilla and custom biomes to build in.
    • The new world will start out at a smaller size of 10k x 10k blocks, and will be expanded in the future.
    • We have a new spawn, as well as a bunch of new warps all lined up – giving survival a nice makeover.
    • A world download will be available after the old world is removed. However, we highly advise getting a world downloader mod and downloading just your builds. As the world download will be very very large. We don’t expect many people will be able to deal with a 26GB+ download….
  • The phantom mob will be disabled, it’s drops will be sold in the server shop and in /tokenshop
  • Survival’s economy will be resetting.
    • This reset will happen once we remove the old world.
    • The new server shop will open after the economy reset. Along with this the new rentable shops will be available after this reset.
  • You will keep your ranks.

Creative & PS:

  • There are no significant changes to PureSurvival and Creative.
  • PureSurvival’s world border will be extended.

We will also be changing voting

  • Our vote rewards will be changing:
    • 1 token per vote (10 sites per day)
      • 1 in 10 get 5 Extra Tokens
      • 1 in 50 get 10 Extra Tokens
  • Vote rewards will be given when joining the hub server.
  • We will be adding more things to use tokens for on Survival, Creative and PS. These may take a little longer.



We will be updating the network on Monday 23rd July, including opening Survival’s new world. There will be downtime to do this. 3 weeks later the old world will be removed and survival’s economy will be reset. Please use a world downloader mod to get a copy of your builds.

All this is likely to be delayed from the dates we give, due to not really knowing how much 1.13 will break.


As always, please ask any questions in the #update-discussion discord channel, or on the 1.13 discussion forum thread



Server Update: July 2018 (1.13 Progress Update 2)

Well, it finally happened. We have a slightly more accurate – but still very vague – release date for 1.13. If you haven’t seen yet, Mojang say they ‘hope to release by the end of July.’

That being said, I’m going to hold off on setting specific timescales for the server’s update still at this point. At least until a little closer to the time. If you don’t know what our plans are for the update yet, please do read our original announcement, and follow up post.

We are of course aiming for as little delay as possible between the official release and the server updating – but naturally, we do have to take some time to work on things, and check nothing critical is broken by the update.

We are still putting finishing touches on the new spawn and warps for survival, But that’s mostly a lot of little details, so I can’t really show them so easily.

There are now 32 rentable shops around the new spawn, along with the server shop which will have a much wider range to buy/sell than the current shop. These will become available after the old world is removed and the economy is reset.

Most of the custom world generation for the new world has also now been finished, more screenshots below. (Although this still needs the new ocean biomes adding to it.) So now we’re just checking that the world has everything it needs and tweaking things.

On top of all that, we’ve started doing a little work on the current hub server, to help it fit in a little better. We’re not quite done yet – but we’ve already moved the spawn down to ground level and made a few tweaks. We are still working on an entirely new hub, we just wanted to improve what we have in the meantime.

And finally, we’ve redone the /servers menu (currently on Hub, Survival, Creative and PureSurvival) to look a bit better. And tidier.

And here, I’ll leave you with some extra screenshots of the new spawn, to get you all nicely hyped up 😀


Share your thoughts on our discord, in #update-discussion or in the 1.13 update discussion thread on our forums

1.13 Update (Survival World Reset) – Progress Update

Just thought it worth updating everyone with where we’re at with the update. Including some answers to questions we keep getting asked.

If you haven’t read our previous announcement about the update & Survival’s world and economy reset – please click here and read it now…

First of all, it will still be a while before we update, even if Mojang release 1.13 tomorrow – we’d need at least another couple of weeks to finish things off and get things working. We’re trying to do as much as we can before the release so that we can update as soon as possible – but things take time, and unfortunately so does real life.

There are of course some bits we need to do once we have the release update (ideally spigot will release a pre-release version for 1.13 too – but that depends on time). It’s very difficult to give an estimate on how much time we’ll need, especially as we still don’t have an official release date for 1.13.

The Progress

Most of our work has been focused on finishing off the new survival spawn, and warps – and we’re now at a point where (apart from the server shop and example rank builds) everything ‘important’ to the server has been built.

Theres also been more work on setting up the new custom terrain, but this is still not entirely finished (and wont be until we can add the new 1.13 ocean biomes etc). If anyone has any suggestions for new biomes to add, or anything else – please do share this on the update discussion forum thread or discord channel!

I’ll put in some extra screenshots (already shared on discord) for those interested:

As you will have noticed, on top of this we also updated the server’s icon and MOTD to match our new updated branding. Other branding will slowly be updated as we work through it, including the server website – although this is not a priority for us right now.

Common questions

These are some of the things we’ve been asked often – most of which have been answered in discord or on the forums/in game, but this gives everyone the chance to see our response:

Will explore have custom terrain?
We hope so, it depends if we have time to prepare all of that as well as the main world. If not for this update, we will get custom terrain for explore for it’s next reset afterwards – and this will hopefully include plenty of structures & biomes to ‘explore’

Will the nether/end have custom terrain?
No, the nether and end will stay vanilla, for now.

When will this happen?
We can’t give a specific date, we expect the official update will probably release around the middle of July. We aim to have the new world available about a week after the update’s release (if not earlier) – but we will post a more definite time once we are able to.

Will tokens reset too?
Nope, tokens are staying as they are, the economy (/bal) on survival is resetting – not tokens.

Can we get mob spawners we’ve bought back?
Yes, just ask a mod and any mob spawner bought from token shop can be removed and returned as an item. Create a ticket (/report [message]) and someone will sort that for you.

How do we transfer our stuff to the new world?
There will be at least a 2-week crossover with both the current and new world accessible, during that time your inventory will be shared between them so you can just ferry items back and forth using your inventory and ender chest.

Will player shops like duck be allowed?
Initially no. After the reset and update we want to ensure the new shop and rentable shops in the new spawn are more actively used. We may allow players to create their own shopping malls and alike in the future – but for now we’d like to make use of the rented shops around the new spawn.

Will I keep my rank?
Yes, none of the server/network ranks will be reset. You will keep your build based ranks as well as Sup/VIP/VIP+ memberships.

As before, if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback about the update, please post it in this forum thread, or in the #update-discussion channel on discord.


Minecraft 1.13 Update is nearly here! D: (World Reset)

The ClownerCraft network is planning some significant changes to go along with the 1.13 update, many of which are things we’ve been working on for a while – and this was a convenient time to release them.

Please be prepared for the network to have some downtime around this update so that we can implement these changes.

Please be aware we currently can’t give an accurate time/date for any changes, as we have to wait for both the official update’s release, but also for some of the third party mods/plugins we use to update. Generally, we can update the network about a week after the official update. 

The big news is that, unfortunately, our main Survival server is going to have a world reset.

We never really want to reset the world, but sadly there are times where this becomes necessary – and since the current world is starting to fill up and encounter lag issues, we’ve decided now is the best time to do this reset.

Second to that, we’re going to be resetting survival’s economy as well. This is to help ‘fix’ it, and we will also have a new server shop.

We are more than aware that a lot of you will be unhappy about these resets, and you’re not alone – but sadly we’ve run this world since the 1.7 update, and it’s starting to cause a fair few issues for the staff, as well as impacting on the server’s performance.

We will be providing a world download so that players can keep a copy of their builds. Please see more information below about how the reset will actually work.


Now, those are the only horrible, but important, bits of news – we’ll move on to the exciting new things we’re adding!

  • We’ve been working on a new spawn for the survival server, and along side this is a load of other fancy things – including the new shop, more affordable player shops, an underground train line, swimming pool, gardens and many other cool things. Pretty much every server warp is being replaced with a new build, although some may not quite be finished by the time update goes live.
  • We’ve reworked all the information signs for spawn, and made a new fancy style – and we’ll slowly be updating other things to match this style – you might even get to see some of it before the update. It’ll be something like the banner below

  • Our new survival world will feature both vanilla and custom biomes, with a variety of landscapes to build with. Some of the custom ones are pretty cool – and of course we’ll make sure all the new ocean bits from 1.13 are in there. 😀  There will also be some custom structures in the new world.
  • After this update we will also start running our regular build contests and events again, which got pushed to one side to allow us to work on various things for the update.
  • We are also still working on our new hub, it’s just taking a while…

Also, for those who play pure survival – we will not be resetting the PS world, but the border will be expanded to include new terrain so you can access the new oceans. Creative will also not have a reset.

How the Survival reset is going to work:

  • Once 1.13 is released, and we have everything working on the new version – the new world will be run alongside the old. This will give everyone a chance to transfer their items – if you wish to.
    • During this time, the Explore, Nether and End worlds may be disabled to prevent overloading the server.
    • At this time the new server spawn will also open. However, the new shop will remain closed until the economy is reset.
  • The old world will then be removed around 2 weeks later, at this time the new shop will open and the economy will be reset.
  • A world download will be prepared (of the world just before the new one is added) This world download will be made available on our website after the old world is removed.
    • However, I would really recommend trying to get a world downloader mod to download your builds – as the server’s world is big, and your game may struggle to load it in single player.
  • Our new world will start off with a smaller world border (starting at 10k x 10k blocks) allowing us to expand the world in future.
  • Ranks will not be reset.

Again, we apologise that we’re having to reset the world – and do hope most people will continue to play and support our network.

If you have any questions about these updates, please post them on our forums on this thread, or talk in the #update-discussion channel on our discord.

~Clowner and the Team

ClownerCraft turns 5! (And some 1.13 news)

ClownerCraft has existed for 5 years today (28th March 2018).

The fact that we’ve got this far is utterly amazing, and I want to thank all those who play and support our network!

In the past we’ve run little events to celebrate the anniversary… However the staff team and myself have got a little caught up in other things this year – particularly preparing for the 1.13 which is expected to release soon.

That being said – everything on our store is now on sale at 50% off until Monday 2nd April (ends 23:59 GMT). Visit our webstore

For those curious, we’ll be announcing exactly what our plans are in regards to the 1.13 update once there is an official release date. This is since some of our plans may take more time than expected, and we don’t want to promise anything we can’t deliver in time.

As usual with most Minecraft updates, we wont be able to update the server immediately. This is since we will be waiting for third party plugin updates, as well as updating those we’ve written for the network. We will start the process of updating once there is a 1.13 pre release. And as we normally do, the actual update will be staggered across the network – starting with Survival, followed by Creative and PureSurvival – the rest of the network will then follow.

We will update everyone with more information, and estimated times, once we have a release date for 1.13.

If you have any queries please post them on the discussion thread on our forums. We’ll try to answer what we can, but be aware we haven’t finalised everything for the update yet.


Thanks for the continued support

~Clowner and Team


Hi All,

We’ve just added a couple extra information pages to the server website:
Rules and an About page.

The rules page gives additional detail about what we do/don’t allow on the network, in the hopes of clearing some confusion and having less room for people to try and push the limits of what’s acceptable.

And, the about page gives some information about how we run and manage the network – including a section on what we do with money.

I feel it’s important we try to be as transparent as we can on a lot of topics, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction.


P.S. We tweaked the rules again and this will be reflected in /rules soon

Snipertown Update

We’ve rolled out a few changes to snipertown recently:

  • Snipertown games 1 and 2 now have the updated kits and world which we setup in 3 before.
  • We’ve slightly rebalanced the kits.
  • We’ve added a Snipertown Lobby server.
    • Basically, instead of having the join signs in the hub you can now do /snipertown to get to them from anywhere on the network.
    • The signs in the new lobby also show some additional information about the game, how to play, and the status of each of the game servers.

As always, any feedback or suggestions are appreciated – either through our forums or in the ‘suggestions-feedback’ channel on our discord!


~Clowner & Team