Server Update: Hub and Gladiator

Posted on April 17, 2020 by TheClowner

Some of you may be in disbelief reading the title. But it’s true. We have rescued Gladiator from it’s endless redevelopment cycle and got it open for you all!

You can now play our wave-based mob arena at /gladiator
So far there’s only one map, with 30 waves and three bosses – but we plan to add more soon™

Gladiator is open as a BETA server, so please expect some rough edges, and make sure to let us know if you run into problems!

We’ve also given the hub a bit of a spring clean, and rearranged it a little bit.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new additions, and stay tuned for some more stuff soon.



Economy Tweaks

Posted on April 6, 2020 by TheClowner

To help keep our Survival Server’s economy running smoothly, we’ve introduced a few changes:

  • Minimum values of some items are being enforced in player shops.
    If you sell any of these items, your prices will be adjusted by our team manually.
    Please make sure to stick to these guidelines. The prices may change in the future. 

  • Voting now gives $10 per vote, instead of $5
  • Auctions now only cost $5 to start, and you get the entire proceeds. The server will no longer take a 5% cut.

As ever, if you have any feedback, please make sure to share in our discord server.

Upgrade Complete

Posted on March 30, 2020 by TheClowner

Hi All, many thanks for your patience, the server’s upgrade is now complete (well I’m a bit delayed writing the post on the website, it was done a couple days ago.

Please make sure to make our team aware of any issues you encounter wither with /report [message] in game, or in the #suggestions-feedback channel on our discord server.

There’s likely still a few things that got forgotten or missed in the process, so please be patient with us.

ClownerCraft 2020 Upgrade!

Posted on March 26, 2020 by TheClowner

Servers will be offline for some of this weekend, from Friday to Monday as we upgrade our hardware. Updates will be shared on our discord server. Please join the community there if you haven’t already.


The time has come where once again we need to upgrade the server we run off to accommodate the growing number of players, as well as better cope with Minecraft 1.15. We’ve held off on this a little up to this point to make sure we make a good choice to move to, and now that we’ve done so – it’s time to start transferring to the new machine.

To ensure we don’t lose people’s progress, this will require some downtime – however this will be staggered a little. We cannot give exact times for when servers will go down, or come back up as we will likely have to play this by ear incase anything goes wrong. Below is an outline of what our plans currently are – if we run into trouble these could all change. We will share updates as we go in our discord server, so please join it to keep tabs on what’s happening.

Skyblock will go offline and stay down until Sunday.
Snipertown, Parkour and the Hub will go offline briefly and then come back online within an hour.

PureSurvival will go offline, and stay down until Sunday.
Creative will go offline, and stay down until Sunday.

The entire network will go offline to transfer, starting at around 12 noon GMT.
All servers except Survival should then come online on Sunday afternoon, with Survival coming back up in the evening.

We’re holding Monday for now incase we run into trouble, do not be alarmed if servers are still down on Monday.

Hub Inventory Games!

Posted on March 23, 2020 by TheClowner

It’s finally happened!

Clicking these signs actually do something now 😀

You can now play several inventory-based minigames, some single player, and some competitive, in the hub! And a few even reward tokens!




Server Boosters and A-List additions

Posted on February 3, 2020 by TheClowner

Today we have released 4 “Survival Boosters” on our store, allowing you to pay for all players to access certain commands for a limited time.

The available boosters are:

  • /fly for 30 minutes – 5.00 USD
  • /fix for 10 minutes – 5.00 USD
  • /feed for 30 minutes – 3.00 USD
  • /echest for 2 hours – 3.00 USD

We’ve also added portable furnaces to A-List members on Survival.

Use /pf create [ID] to create a furnace, and /pf open [ID] to open it and smelt stuffs.

Skyblock Is Here! (+ SniperTown Fix)

Posted on January 20, 2020 by zZer0

You heard it from the title, Skyblock has arrived to the Network! You’ll be able to get there using /skyblock. It is worth mentioning much like the previous announcement that the server will be in the BETA stage for a while, to make sure everything works properly and to add more ranks, island presets and challenges as time passes.

Commands you have access to by default includes:
– /sethome [name] – /tpa [name] – /tpaccept /tpdeny
– /tpahere
– /back
– /msg [name] [message] – /report [message] – /status [ticket ID] – Lock Chest, Doors, Furnaces etc.
– /lockette
– /auctionhouse

For now, there are 3 ranks to obtain – Novice, Adept and Expert, all with their own prefixes and perks, written up in the spawn area, and from the challenges that are set up it is possible to go to the Nether and End dimensions with enough hard work, so good luck to all who want to speed-run it!

I’m open to make changes with enough feedback, so if there’s anything anybody feels needs changing to make your experience better, please say something in the Skyblock Text Channel of our Discord Server!

(On a side note, SniperTown is now fixed)

Have fun!

A Brand New Server is coming to the Network!

Posted on January 17, 2020 by zZer0

Hey everyone! Today I have a very important announcement.

Due to many reasons discussed within the staff team, we believe it’s time to add a brand new server to our list. So without further ado, we are proud introduce Skyblock!

This is something a lot of people have been suggesting for a while now, and we feel that now is as good a time as any to add a Skyblock Server to the Network.

This doesn’t, however, come without first mentioning a few minor details about plans for it, and the current state in which it stands.

For now, we are releasing it as essentially a “BETA Test”, where we haven’t quite nailed down the fine details of the server, which pretty much means it’s unfinished. But with your feedback, we can over time change Skyblock into something unique – Part of the server that will appeal to and attract a larger audience of the Minecraft Community.

Due to it being a brand new part of the Network, it will be frequently updated with new Challenges, Island Presets and additions that you, the Community, might suggest!

Once the BETA stage is over (once we feel the server feels full enough to run by itself without need for immediate attention) the server will be RESET, and will continue to do so every half a year. This is because we want to give Skyblock more of a “Seasonal” feel, where every 6 months we add new content for people to have a go at, so it doesn’t get boring with it being the same thing forever.

We will be releasing it very soon, so keep a sharp eye out for the announcements so that you know when you can get yourself an island! Any questions or suggestions you might have, feel free to post them in the new Skyblock Text Channel of our Discord Server!


– zZer0_

Creative Update & Pure Reset

Posted on January 8, 2020 by TheClowner

Creative and Pure are now both updated to 1.15.1, along with a few additional changes:

  • PureSurvival has had a full world reset, so theres now a fresh world to play in.
  • We have implemented a new creative spawn. 
  • Creative now has Flat and End freebuild worlds, accessible with /rtp flat or /rtp end
    (use /rtp vanilla for the normal freebuild)
  • We’ve added custom maps to the tokenshop on Creative and PureSurvival.
    These include some solid colours, stripes and flags, as well as a few random others. We’d love to know any ideas you’d have for others we could add- so please share any ideas on our discord server.

We hope you’ll enjoy the cute little bees!
~The ClownerCraft Team

It’s Bee Time.

Posted on January 1, 2020 by TheClowner

This Friday. 10AM GMT. Survival will be offline for maintenance.

Should take under an hour. Then we will have these cute little things!

If you are yet to figure out, we will be updating Survival to 1.15.1, and this will also include a Nether, End and Explore reset however the main building worlds will not change.

We will also be updating Creative and Pure next Wednesday 8th unless things go horribly wrong. Pure Survival will have a full world reset with this update.