Coming Soon™ Again.

Posted on December 19, 2018 by TheClowner

Hey All
It’s that time again where I’m gonna start sharing random screenshots with no context.

These are all, in some way, “coming soon™” to the ClownerCraft network.
No promises on when, or any extra details for now. Watch this space ūüėõ

Can’t wait to see all the speculation on our Discord and Forums!

Server Update: 6/12/18 (+ Christmas Contest Announcement)

Posted on December 9, 2018 by TheClowner

Hey all,

We’ve finally had some time to go and work through fixing some bits and updating stuff, so among a lot of updates and fixes to backend bits – heres some major fixes and changes:

  • /spawner has now been fixed [Survival]
  • End Rods have been added to /kit glow¬†[Survival]
  • The ender dragon is no longer stuck, so can be re-spawned and fought again.¬†[Survival]
  • Ranks should no longer vanish after name changes. (We’re still trying to verify that this is fixed)¬†[All Servers]
  • /sortc /sorti are now available for Supporter, VIP and VIP+¬†¬†[PureSurvival]

On top of that, we are thrilled to announce this years Christmas contest!

This year, we’ve gone for a theme of “Gingerbread Houses” – and it’s also a team-contest!

You’ll be able to claim plots from Monday 10th December (hopefully).¬†More details to follow soon!

As always, if you do encounter issues on the server – please make sure you report them to us, either with /report ingame, on our forums, or in the #suggestions-feedback channel on discord. We’ll do our best to get everything running smoothly.

Plots. The contest kind and the creative kind. And more.

Posted on September 29, 2018 by TheClowner

Today’s one of those exciting days; we have a bunch of things to announce!

First of all, thank you all for your patience with us as we’ve been slowly working through things. We still have a fair amount on our plate to deal with but we are reading your feedback and noting down things that need looking at – it may just take a little longer than we’d like.

And now, what a lot of you have been waiting for. As of now, ClownerCraft’s Creative server is back online, now on 1.13.1.
Naturally, as it’s only just been updated it’s quite possible theres little things we’ve missed and so if you do find something that doesn’t work please report it to us either with /report or in the #suggestions-feedback channel on our discord.

PureSurvival will follow very soon.

And the other things:
We’re doing contests again, starting with an Elven Theme. You can show off your building talent and win tokens next weekend¬† (Contest runs Friday 5th to Sunday 7th October). Please do make sure you claim your place in the contest now, by heading over to /contest

There will be more future contests put up on the calendar page of our website in the coming days.

And finally… We will be launching a new thing at the end of October. Something we’ve been working on for some time may finally be opened for everyone to enjoy. But we’ll keep things a little secret for now.

Server Update: Creative, PureSurvival and Gladiator

Posted on September 22, 2018 by TheClowner

A quick update on what’s happening with Creative/PS/Gladiator at the moment, and why they haven’t updated yet.

Before I get started though, I do want to remind everyone that we are a team of volunteers, and we run ClownerCraft for fun. Please be patient with us, and understand that sometimes real life has to take priority over the server. For many of the team we’ve suddenly hit a busy time with work/college/university etc, and can’t give up quite so much of our time to working on the network.

As mentioned before, there are still issues with 1.13.1 and world upgrading, and we are waiting to be certain this is fixed before we try and upgrade PureSurvival – as we intend to keep the world. PaperSpigot appears to have now fixed this issue, but it’ll still take us a little while to get PureSurvival updated for 1.13.1.

Creative, however, is a little more of a challenge. At the moment we are still waiting on a few rather important plugins to update for 1.13, meaning we can’t really do much to update creative until those release updates. And while we can, in theory, keep it on 1.12.2 – there are significant issues there with 1.13 version support. And generally, managing servers on different versions is not an easy task.

And in terms of Gladiator, the update reset all of the game’s setup (because of changes to the plugin to make it work for 1.13) – so we need to take the time to reconfigure it all. And since we’ve got to do that anyway we have decided it’s time to improve gladiator again, which will include more waves, as well as multiple arenas. But naturally – this all takes time, which is something we’re in short supply of right now.

1.13 is a pretty big update in terms of technical changes, and I think we were really lucky to be able to update Survival so early, but we also really underestimated how long it would take to get everything fully updated.

Server Update: Survival’s 1.13 update complete & Double Token Vote weekend

Posted on September 1, 2018 by TheClowner

We’ve finished off the last few bits of Survival’s 1.13 update.

Which means we’ve launched the new server shop, alongside the economy reset.

As well as introducing “TokenCrates” – which allow you to get $$$, heads or blocks with your tokens. The rewards are randomised – but it’s a little cheaper than buying from the tokenshop (assuming you get the items you want of course).

Every player can get up to 5 total crates per day, from either the Economy, Head of Block Crates.
You can find the crates at /warp token.

There are still a number of commands which may be broken or missing and we will be updating those as soon as we can.

I’ll also announce now that until Monday, voting will give DOUBLE TOKENS.
That’s right, until monday, every single vote will give you two tokens, instead of 1.
And the amount given for 1 in 10 and 1 in 50 have also doubled!

This will end on Monday at 9pm BST (4pm EDT I think…).

So go make the most of it and head over to the voting page now!

Network Downtime: Monday 27th August

Posted on August 23, 2018 by TheClowner

As most of you already know, on Monday the 27th August, we will be removing survival’s old world, and resetting it’s economy – along with a few other bits and pieces. In order to do this we will have to take ClownerCraft offline for a few hours.

ClownerCraft will be closed for maintenance from 11am BST (6am EDT) on Monday.

We expect to take no longer than 4 hours to complete the work.
We will post on the Server Updates section of our website if we encounter any delays.

We’re still waiting for spigot to update to 1.13.1 before we update PureSurvival and Creative, so please be patient.

Server Update: Things 1.13 Broke

Posted on August 18, 2018 by TheClowner

As you’re probably aware. 1.13 broke a lot of things. At the bottom of this post will be a list of all the commands and mechanics which do not work right now, for your reference.

That being said, I can announce that Auctions have now returned – although we are using a new plugin that works a little differently. You can start an auction with /auc start [(optional) starting-bid] and then place the items you wish to auction into the chest GUI that appears. Use /bid [amount] to bid on auctions.
The new auctions follow a max bid system, pretty similar to sites like ebay.

We’ve also replaced the chest sorting plugin for Supporter/VIP/VIP+ members, so you can now use /sorti to sort your inventory, and /sortc to sort the chest, enderchest or shulker box you’re looking at.

Known Issues:

  • The following commands are completely broken or disabled until they are updates:
    /pet /chairs /rename /disguise /wings /balloons /cc
  • /glow will only work if you select to glow in white.
  • /spawner currently has a bug which makes it unusable.
    (Reported and confirmed, waiting on a fix)
  • Some of the Alphabet Banners¬† in /bm are incorrect.
  • Chest and Door lock signs cannot just be placed onto lockable blocks. You’ll need to write out the info on the sign in full (eg [Private] on the first line and then your username on the second). Signs may also turn invisible on occasion. If you manage to lock yourself out of your chests, please do /report [message] explaining what happened and a mod can come unlock it for you.
    • As a quick reminder, if you don’t lock your chests we will roll back anyone who steals from them – if you’d rather avoid the hassle just report a grief if items get stolen and we’ll sort it.
  • Rank prefixes sometimes do not show immediately after a name change. If this happens, you’ll still have access to all the perks of your rank – and your prefix will return after about half an hour.
  • Survival may experience some lag spikes caused by issues with the old world’s upgrade to 1.13 – these will be sorted once the world is removed on Monday 27th August.

Most of these issues require us to wait for third party plugins to update, so we will try to fix them as soon as possible. If you have any issues which aren’t mentioned here, please report them to us with either /report [message] or by posting on the forums or discord.

1.13 Progress Update

Posted on August 16, 2018 by TheClowner

This post is a bit later than I had intended, unfortunately things have been rather busy and I’ve only just got around to writing this update.

Parts of our network are now updated to 1.13, mainly Survival, the Hub and Snipertown so far.



There are some known issues with Survival still, and I’m sure theres plenty more things 1.13 has broken that we’re not yet aware – so if you do see a problem please make sure you report it to our staff, either with /report ingame, or by posting in our discord or on the forums.

Some issues have already been fixed, but several issues are waiting on updates from third party plugins. We will aim to make sure theres a list of which features are currently unavailable over the next week.

For those who have VIP or VIP+ membership I would like to note that we have replaced the Armour Stand GUI with a new plugin, which we’ve found far easier to use for positioning and really gives you more flexibility to use armour stands in new creative ways. It might take a little while to get used to how it works – to open the UI simply hold a bit of flint and right click. You can then select one of many options to adjust your armour stands. Can’t wait to see what people do with the new tools!

Of course, we are not done with work on survival quite yet, as we will be closing the old world on Monday 27th August. We do have a copy of the world from before the 1.13 world upgrade, so those who have lost builds in the upgrade, they are safely stored in our backup Рwhich will be available after the 27th. However this world save will be in the region of 32GB in size, so you may struggle to download it Рwe may be able to split the file into several smaller ones, but this may happen later than the initial download release.

After the old world is removed the nether and end in survival will open again, and you should also see an improvement to survival’s performance. There have recently been a few lag spikes on survival, which are caused by the old world generating new chunks where areas failed to upgrade properly (yay for 1.13) – since the new worlds have all been pre-generated this should not be an issue in the future.

Please also remember that the survival economy will reset after the world is removed, alongside the new shop opening and our voting perks changing. We intend to add ways to redeem tokens for $$$ on survival, although there may be some delay to this.



There will be more network downtime on Monday 27th August while we remove survival’s old world and reconfigure a few things. This is just advanced warning, specific times for the downtime will be announced later, but this should be much shorter than last time since theres no 1.13 world upgrade involved.

After this we will restart our regular build contests and events, more details to follow once we’ve actually decided when they will be… and we also have several other projects¬†we will be finishing or starting. Watch this space for cool things coming soonish™

Due to low usage, and some other problems, we’ve decided it’s time to retire our TS3 server for the time being. If you wish to voice chat with other people from ClownerCraft please use our official discord server.


Creative, PS and Other Servers

Many people have been asking when Creative and PureSurvival will update, and unfortunately this is going to be a little while still. As many people have noticed there have been some significant issues with the 1.13 world upgrading – and because of that we’ve decided it’s best to wait until Mojang fix these issues before we upgrade Creative and Pure – since the worlds there are being kept, unlike survival which is moving to worlds generated/prepared in 1.13.

Until we can update these servers to 1.13.1, they will be staying offline. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Gladiator and SpherePVP will also be staying offline for a while as they need a lot of work to get them working on 1.13. SniperTown however has been updated and is playable now.

Naturally, any questions please do ask in the #update-discussion channel on our discord or on this forum thread.

1.13 Update – Not long to go…

Posted on August 4, 2018 by TheClowner

As we’ve already announced, we will be updating this coming Monday (6th August 2018).

We will need to take the network offline in the process, as we backup and then update the network. All of the Minecraft servers will be offline from 1pm BST (8am EDT) on Monday, and will remain down until the work is complete. We expect to be complete by the end of Tuesday.

This update takes significantly longer than previous ones since in order to keep access to the existing worlds we need to upgrade them to the new minecraft version – and this takes a lot of time for big worlds (we’re forcing it all to upgrade at once so that it doesn’t cause lag once we’re all done).


If you’re not aware of what all is changing in this update…. below is a summary:

We’re updating in two waves as it were, updating to 1.13 and launching some new features on Monday, and then finishing off the last few bits and launching any remaining new things about three weeks later on Monday 27th August.

¬Ľ¬Ľ Things happening on Monday ¬ę¬ę


  • Survival’s worlds will be reset.
    • We will be launching two new worlds for building – one completely vanilla, and one with custom biomes.
    • We will also be generating a new Nether, End and Explore world.
    • You will still be able to access the old world in order to transfer items.
    • We will try to provide a world download, but cannot guarantee that it’ll work since the world is big (like 26GB) – so we¬†highly recommend¬†using a world downloader mod to download any builds you want a copy of.¬†
    • The new worlds will start with a smaller world border of 8k by 8k, which will be expanded in the future.
    • The Nether End and Explore may be disabled in this time to prevent lag while running the new and old worlds together.
  • We will be launching a new survival spawn, along with most of the server warps
    • It’s built following a British city style, and features 32 rentable shops, an underground railway, a zoo, manor house and gardens alongside all the warps you’d expect and more…
    • Some of the building may remain closed until a little after the update as we put the finishing touches on everything.
  • We’ll also be increasing the number of homes each rank can use, to help accommodate the two worlds –¬†Player will now have 3 homes, Stone 5, Bronze 10, Diamond 25, Aztec 50, Modern+ Unlimited.
  • The phantom will be disabled in survival, it’s drops will be sold in the server shop and token shop.


  • Creative will keep its current worlds, and remain pretty much exactly as it is now – just with access to the new blocks and features.


  • The world border will be extended to generate new chunks for the new oceans.
  • We will introduce a better sleeping mechanic, so that you aren’t reliant on every player going to bed to skip the night and avoid the phantom attacking.


  • We’re going to slightly adjust how you join the network – by default new players will join the hub, and then joining with or will just take you to the last server you were on.
    • As with now, please remember you can join individual servers directly by using the IPs below:
      • Survival –
      • Creative –
      • PureSurvival –

¬Ľ¬Ľ Things happening in three weeks ¬ę¬ę
(around Monday 27th August)


  • The old world will be removed
  • The new Nether End and Explore worlds will open.
  • Survival’s economy will reset
  • The new server shop will open, and you’ll be able to rent one of the new rentable shops.
  • Our new rank examples warp will open
  • You will be able to exchange some tokens for $$$. (the details of how this will work are not finalised quite yet)


  • Vote rewards will move to be given out when joining the hub server.
  • Votes will now only give you tokens.
    • The new vote rewards are:
      for each of the 10 voting sites – 1 token per vote
      plus a 1 in 10 chance to get 5 bonus tokens
      and a 1 in 50 chance to get 10 bonus tokens
  • We will be adding more ways to use and win more tokens in the future.


Keep an eye on the Server Updates section of the website for updates on the progress.
Click here for the 1.13 discussion thread

1.13 Update – New ETA for FULL Update

Posted on July 26, 2018 by TheClowner

As many people are aware, in order to update the server, we have to wait for several third party plugins as well as the API they are built on to update to 1.13.

As with previous updates, some features may not be available immediately as we prioritise getting the server updated – meaning any features we don’t see as that important may be left to be updated later. We will share more details of what will not work immediately when we get to the update.

As of right now, we’re still waiting on a couple of important plugins to update, and we expect them to do so within the next few days. However, a few of the admin team are currently away on vacations or breaks, and I myself go away tomorrow, and wont be back for about week. This means we will not update as soon as the plugins update, but when I return.

We were hoping to have updated long before now, and we apologise for any inconvenience you’ve had while having to wait. 1.13 released a lot later than we were expecting, and has a lot more breaking changes than previous minecraft updates.

So on with the bit you probably want to see:

Unless anything goes horribly wrong in the coming days/week, we will be updating on Monday 6th August 2018. This may end up being just Survival, but we hope to also update Creative and PureSurvival at the same time. The network will be taken offline for several hours on that Monday to actually update – and we will share specific times in the days before.

Naturally, with the update we will be launching the new Survival Spawn, and warps, along with the two new worlds – vanilla and custom terrain. As said before, the old world will remain open after this to allow you to transfer your items to the new worlds. This will just be a case of getting items and then teleporting to the new world – just like you do now with Explore, the Nether and End.

We will be disabling the Nether, End and Explore worlds through this time in order to prevent lag.

You will keep your homes. And will need to remove ones to the old world yourself once it is removed. We will be increasing the number of homes given to each rank as follows:
Player: 3, Stone: 5, Bronze: 10, Diamond: 25, Aztec: 50, Modern+: Unlimited.

We will then close the old world on Monday 27th August. (3 weeks later) And this is also when the economy will reset, the new shop opens, and our new vote perks come into effect. Please check previous posts in Server Updates for more info.

This is still not a final ETA on the update, it may still change РBut this is the best estimate we can give right now. 

If you have any questions, please do ask in the #update-discussions channel on discord or on the 1.13 update discussion thread on our forums. But please do read through the information already available on the server-updates section of our website – it’s likely your question is already answered.

We will update on Monday 6th August. There will be downtime. The Old world will be removed 3 weeks later.

This is later than planned since some of the admins and myself have vacations we planned long before we knew the 1.13 release date, and some of the plugins we use won’t have updated before those vacations start. Please read through the previously shared information before asking a question.

Thank you for your patience,
~Clowner and the team