Server Update: Vip perk fixes. 20 July 2019

Posted on July 20, 2019 by TheClowner

A few little fixes to Sup/VIP/VIP+ perks:

/music should function properly again

/rocket editor has been replaced with /fireworkmaker or /fwm

/sortc will function for sorting chests.

Unfortunately /glow, /rename, /disguise and /sorti are still unavailable. We are looking for alternatives so we can get these features working again.

Survival ‘Quality of Life’ additions (17 Jul 2019)

Posted on July 17, 2019 by TheClowner

We’ve just added a few little things to survival.

Bookshelves can now store 9 books. Right click to open the storage.
Stone cutters damage you (and mobs) when standing on top of them.
Parrots have stickier feet so they stay on your shoulder better.

These are only small things, but I hope you enjoy making the most out of them (totally should be vanilla features anyway though)

Creative is back!

Posted on by TheClowner

That was somewhat quicker than expected.

Creative is now back online. Enjoy 🙂

Also, PureSurvival no longer kills you when leaving the nether.
And I finished rewriting a utility plugin on our bungeecord server, so you should have less issues pinging the network within the multiplayer screen!

If you do encounter issues with anything, please make sure you let a member of staff know – ideally in #suggestions-feedback on our discord server


Creative will be back. Soon™

Posted on by TheClowner

I come bearing good news today,

The issue causing us problems with the plot world in creative has been fixed. We’re now going through and starting to make sure everything is now working as it should. If all goes well, we should be able to reopen creative within the next two days, keeping the same plots and freebuild worlds.

Apologies for the delay and inconvenience.


Server Updates: /pet returns! (10 July 2019)

Posted on July 10, 2019 by TheClowner

Hey all,

Only a small update but /pet is now available on Survival, PureSurvival and the Hub for Supporter, VIP and VIP+.

You might also have noticed that our buildteam has started to grow again and we’re now gearing up to start working on some larger improvements on the minigames side of things. So look forward to more exciting things soon!

If you find any problems, have suggestions or anything else, please join our discord server and share them with us! 😀


Update on the state of Creative

Posted on July 2, 2019 by zZer0_

Creative has recently had an issue which we couldn’t fix by just a simple restart.

However, we have now tracked the issue down to a single plugin and have messaged the developers in hopes that this will soon be fixed.

Please stay patient!

– zZer0_

Posted on July 1, 2019 by zZer0_

Hi everyone, just a quick update on some changes!

– Our network is now updated to 1.14.3, please make sure you’re using the correct version!
– Fixed Spawn Shop Doors not being useable – Should be fine now!
– /rename and /relore are now fixed for VIP and VIP+ users on the Survival server.
– Rented Shops should now work as intended.
– Raids should no longer happen at Survival Spawn.
– We have changed the teleport system so that /back now works for warps and some cross server systems. You can also now send teleport requests across servers.

Hope you all enjoy the changes, we may be able to get to hopefully making Creative work at some point in the near future, but there are a few issues that are more than just a simple restart to fix.

We understand your concerns with how long it is taking and all we can say is sorry and to be patient.

– zZer0_

Quick Update on Creative’s State

Posted on June 15, 2019 by zZer0_

So with Creative crashing often due to plots that may not have updated correctly from the transition from 1.13 to 1.14, we are planning to roll back the Creative server to 1.13 and try the update again. Creative will be down during this period of time and will be back once Clowner has the time to deal with the situation.

Just a fair warning, since we will be rolling it back some progress you may have made may be lost, but we will try our best to keep any builds that have been made since the update.

We cannot give an ETA for the fix, but we can hope that updating it again will fix the issues that have been caused.

– zZer0_

Server Update 5 Jun 2019

Posted on June 5, 2019 by TheClowner

Hey all, a few quick updates today:

  • /rtp should no longer teleport you into the ground. It will also cause less lag.
  • Chunks should unload a little faster than previously, but there is still a difference from 1.13.2. There should be some less lag because of this.
  • Chat should work again on the hub.

As always, if anything doesn’t work please make sure you report it to our staff, or on our discord/forums.

Supporter, VIP and VIP+ Rank Sale!

Posted on by TheClowner

Supporter, VIP and VIP+ memberships
are currently 50% off.

VIP+ Membership $12.50 $25
VIP Membership $7.50 $15
Supporter Membership $3.75 $7.50

Sale ends: Sunday 30th June at midnight BST