‘Cliff House’ Build contest!

Posted on January 7, 2019 by TheClowner

We’re pleased to announce our first build contest of 2019:

“Cliff* House” Theme

*Cliffs Not Provided

This contest will start on Friday 11th January, at 6pm GMT/1pm EST, and ends on Sunday 13th at the same time! There’s plenty of tokens up for grabs, so head on over to /contest now to claim your plot in the contest!

As with all our contests, we will announce the winners on clownercraft.net/news the following Thursday.

We’ll publish the dates and themes of our other upcoming contests soon.
Good Luck!

More Coming Soon™

Posted on December 28, 2018 by TheClowner

Just to prove that we are actually making progress on the new hub and not just getting distracted playing cookie clicker, 2048 or whatever… have some more screenshots

Gingerbread Contest Results!

Posted on by TheClowner

We had a wonderful range of builds as usual, and here are those who won:

First off, a special mention for those who scored more than 40 points:
ReadeObsidinis & Cartografox on Plot 2, TurnThePaiges, Beanana & rvthie on Plot 8 and Loopyninja on Plot 10

In third place:

CoalKza & MathToKool
on Plot 13

In Second Place:

pheonixflyer13, MrSatan188 & FerntasticFern
on Plot 7

And in First Place:

Sucrisia & Scorpiodin
on Plot 12

If you’re lucky enough to win then your tokens have been awarded, and you can find your trophy items at /warp prize on Survival.

And you can download a copy of the contest world by clicking here.

Christmas Updates

Posted on December 24, 2018 by TheClowner

First off, we’d like to wish everyone playing a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever your preferred greeting is!

We’re very thankful for all the support you all show us, and it’s wonderful to still see a strong community after over 5 years of running a server!

Naturally, over Christmas a lot of our team will be busy visiting family, and generally doing IRL things – so please be prepared for slightly longer wait times on reported rankups and other tickets, we will endeavor to get to them as soon as possible. Just please be patient with us.

And following on from that, I have some things to announce:

Firstly, after Christmas everything on our store will be on sale, with a 50% discount on everything, and 65% off VIP+! This sale will run until the end of January, so theres plenty of time to grab a good deal and get yourself (or gift a friend) a VIP rank or a set of decorative player heads!

Secondly, we can finally announce that Gladiator will return early in the new year! With new arenas, new waves, new bosses. It’s gonna be all fancy! More accurate launch date will follow as soon as possible.

And finally. The rather long awaited, and frankly overdue, new hub will be launching early next year! We’ve been hard at work over the last few weeks and we’re finally getting towards a point where we will actually finish our new hub! Isn’t that amazing, we’re actually finishing a project! And of course, this is down to the massive amount of work we’ve had from our build team.
For those who didn’t work it out, the screenshots posted recently were of the new hub, so you have a good idea of what exactly you’ll get to explore soon. And theres plenty of hidden secrets for you to go out and find!

Isn’t that all exciting eh?

Coming Soon™ Again.

Posted on December 19, 2018 by TheClowner

Hey All
It’s that time again where I’m gonna start sharing random screenshots with no context.

These are all, in some way, “coming soon™” to the ClownerCraft network.
No promises on when, or any extra details for now. Watch this space 😛

Can’t wait to see all the speculation on our Discord and Forums!

Server Update: 6/12/18 (+ Christmas Contest Announcement)

Posted on December 9, 2018 by TheClowner

Hey all,

We’ve finally had some time to go and work through fixing some bits and updating stuff, so among a lot of updates and fixes to backend bits – heres some major fixes and changes:

  • /spawner has now been fixed [Survival]
  • End Rods have been added to /kit glow [Survival]
  • The ender dragon is no longer stuck, so can be re-spawned and fought again. [Survival]
  • Ranks should no longer vanish after name changes. (We’re still trying to verify that this is fixed) [All Servers]
  • /sortc /sorti are now available for Supporter, VIP and VIP+  [PureSurvival]

On top of that, we are thrilled to announce this years Christmas contest!

This year, we’ve gone for a theme of “Gingerbread Houses” – and it’s also a team-contest!

You’ll be able to claim plots from Monday 10th December (hopefully). More details to follow soon!

As always, if you do encounter issues on the server – please make sure you report them to us, either with /report ingame, on our forums, or in the #suggestions-feedback channel on discord. We’ll do our best to get everything running smoothly.

Clownercraft ‘Underworld’ Build Contest Results

Posted on November 9, 2018 by Sanea

With a slight delay the results are in! 🙂

Here are the winners of the ‘Underworld‘ themed build contest!

As always, first – people whose plots managed to score over 60 points!
Let’s congratulate members of plot 6 (UnbreakableHoe, starrymirth) and plot 7 (_Fenja_) – your tokens will be added to your accounts today!

Now for the podium – and we have a draw for the second place!
Great job team Bravagorr + polo700 (plot 2) and team Laylah + Leockie (Plot 5) – you managed to make it a difficult vote! 😀

Plot 2:

Plot 5:

As for the first prize winners… Plot 4 (as some of you already guessed!) – great job MrBeasty127, BalrogSlayer and Koroshtekure!


Congrats everyone! Thanks for participating and building so many wonderful things! Your token rewards will be added today and the rest will be delivered to you as soon as possible 🙂

World download will be available later on – so check back in a while 🙂

Clownercraft ‘Pumpkin Carving’ Build Contest Results

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Sanea

Here are the winners of the Pumpkin Carving Build Contest 🙂

Thank you everyone who participated, as the topic wasn’t a typical one!

First, let’s applaud those that managed to get 60 points or more:
cactus_co2 (plot 2)

And now for the top three winners!
The build which snatched spot number three – a fun looking, realistinc pumpkin from plot 10, by starrymirth:

Spot number two has many faces and some insides, too! Plot 13 by RedBeautysRage:

And the main reward goes to plot number 9, by Bravagorr for a multi-pumpkin build with doors and rooms inside 😉


Your token rewards will be awarded today, the trophies for first 3 places will be waiting at /warp prize, just ask staff members to hand them out when you’re online! 🙂

Info on world update coming soon 🙂

More Contests

Posted on October 15, 2018 by TheClowner

It’s my pleasure to announce our next upcoming contests:

Starting with a “Pumpkin Carving” build contest, which kicks off on Friday 19th October, and you can claim plots now at /contest.

Following that we’ve got a few more build contests planned:

  • 26th October Until 2nd November: Big Halloween Contest
    We’ve having a nice long build contest, where team builds are accepted. You can have between 1 and 4 players working together to make one build – the specific theme will be announced closer to the time.
  • 16th to 18th November: Life Under the Sea Build Contest
    A chance to try out the new ocean features in our under the sea contest!
  • 30th November until 2nd December: Townhouse Build Contest
    A more classical contest theme.
  • 7th to 21st December: Big Christmas Event.
    We’re keeping specifics under wraps for now – stay tuned for details!

Good luck to anyone who participates, and if you have any feedback or ideas for other contests please do share them with us on our forums or on our discord!
~Clowner and Team

Clownercraft ‘Elven Theme’ Build Contest Results

Posted on October 11, 2018 by Sanea

Here are the winners of our first contest after the break – Elven Theme Build Contest!

Thank you everyone who participated for taking the time and sharing your creativity with us all 🙂

First, let’s give a hand to people who achieved the score of over 40 points:
CoalKza (plot 21) and _Fenja_ (plot 15)

Next, let’s applaud those that managed to get 60 points or more:
cactus_co2 (plot 5), UnbreakableHoe (plot 7), Phalanges410 (plot 19) and MissKawaiiPotato (plot 23)

And now for the top three winners!
The build which snatched spot number three – lovely grove with a hill, a pond and a few houses – congrats Bavagorr! (plot 20)

The double-layered goodness of elven worlds made by MathToKool that placed second – congrats! (plot 13)

And number one, a mountainy home created by MrBeasty127 – congrats! (plot 6)

Your token rewards will be awarded today and tomorrow, the trophies for first 3 places are up for grabs in respective chests at /warp prizes

If you wish to download the world from this contest, please click here.