Halloween Scare Maze Build Contest Results

Posted on October 26, 2017 by TheClowner

Here are the winners of the Halloween Scare Maze Build Contest!
Thank you to all who participated,

◦◦◦First off, we would like to recognize the players that received over 40 points: You will receive $10,000 in survival
Coule, FlutterMuffins02 & JayzRebel

◦◦◦In First Place, we have g_flawless in Plot 17!

◦◦◦In Second Place, we have Shaduma in Plot 1

◦◦◦In Third Place, we have Queen_Leokie in Plot 11

Congrats to the winners, the prizes have been added to your accounts!
The contest world will soon be available for download in the coming days!

Life On Mars Build Contest Results

Posted on October 13, 2017 by TheClowner

Here are the winners for the Life On Mars Build Contest:

••• In Third Place: LapisPebble in Plot 11 •••

••• In Second Place: Queen_Leockie in Plot 10 •••

••• In First Place: SourWolfy in Plot 8 •••

Congratulations to those of you that won, your prizes will be added to your account by the 14th of October, 2017
The contest world will be available for download shorty

You can download the world file here

Scavenger Hunt 2.0 Results

Posted on October 5, 2017 by xLilly

Hey guys!
After a little over a week the scavenger hunt is over and we have 3 winners.

1st place goes to Calinox with $53190
2nd place goes to FlutterMuffins02 with $44210
3rd place goes to TwinPage with $33590

You can pick up your event tokens at /warp contest
All money and normal tokens have already been awarded

See you next contest! 😀

Temple Contest Results

Posted on September 15, 2017 by TheClowner

Here are the winners of ClownerCraft’s Temple Contest:

First Of all, other than the first second and third place winners, only one plot managed to score more than 40 points, Congrats to
LapisPebble in plot 6, with a score of 49

••• Third Place: UghBionic in Plot 1•••


••• Second Place: Deathwithagrin in Plot 11 •••


••• First Place: groudzero in Plot 16•••


Congratulations to those that won, your prizes have already been awarded.

You can download the world file for this contest here.

Scaled Up Contest Results!

Posted on September 2, 2017 by TheClowner

It’s that time again, we have some winners from the Scaled Up Contest!
We had some amazing entries to the contest, although there were a couple that were real nice but didn’t meet the theme.

In Third Place:
•••• Ightrril: Plot 14 ••••

In Second Place:
•••• Katisal: Plot 22 ••••

In First Place:
•••• GrumpClump: Plot 13 ••••

Your prizes have already been given to you.

And, to be extra special – you can download all the builds from this contest! Click here to download the world file.

Snipertown map building contest results!

Posted on June 8, 2017 by Jaffla

Here are the results for the snipertown map building contest, there were some really interesting builds so well done!

At first place we have SephirothWS with an awesome nether themed map 😀

Second is SnoppyDoo, well done!

At third place we have Locdogg5000

The prizes will added to your accounts shortly 🙂

Underground Build Contest Results!

Posted on April 14, 2017 by TheClowner

The following plots scored above 40 Points and got a Prize of $30,000:
CoalKza on Plot 1
wizkrys on Plot 4
janello710 on Plot 11
fodrich on Plot 12
Bamboo7429 on Plot 14
kilIerKrafter on Plot 15
AreaEffectCloud on Plot 17

The third place winner is MathtoKool on Plot 13. Congrats!

The Second place winner is CireKiddo on Plot 16. Congrats!

The First place winner is Shaduma on Plot 2. Congrats!

For the First, Second and Third place winners go to ./Warp Prize to claim your prize!
The Clownercraft staff team thanks everyone for participating in this build contest!