Clownercraft Around The World Contest Results

Here are the winners of theClownercraft Around The World Contest!
Thank you to all who participated,

◦◦◦First off, we would like to recognize the players that received over 40 points:
Johanvdpluijm (Plot 7), FlutterMuffins02 (Plot 11), verSTANdigYT (Plot 16), Kawai_Reaper (Plot 23)

◦◦◦Second, we would like to recognize the players that received over 60 points:
T0TS (Plot 19), CoalKza (Plot 8)

These players will all recieve small rewards for their efforts!

◦◦◦In First Place, we have plot 14. Well done IrateSkelly! Your build was very unique and the signs you added made it a lot more interesting and personal.

◦◦◦In Second Place, we have plot 18, built by GrumpClump

◦◦◦In Third Place, we have plot 2, by Dipped_is_a_girl

Congrats to the winners, the prizes will be added to your accounts shortly!


So, Tokens are beginning to suffer from inflation.

And while this is probably going to be an unpopular decision – we’ve made a few changes to try and help balance them again:

  • Token rewards from gladiator have been reduced. 
    You now receive 1 token for each wave, with 5 after wave 15, and another 10 if you beat all 30 waves.
  • Tokens may no longer be bought/sold on Survival. 
    Selling of tokens to other players is no longer permitted. Access has been removed to /withdraw.
    Please deposit all tokens that you have in item form (Sponge named ‘Prize Token’) using /deposit <amount>
  • We will be adjusting the prices of items in the token shop over the coming weeks.
  • We’re introducing some new rules about what you can/can’t sell – be it in a shop or through auctions:
    • You cannot sell items obtained through a kit
    • You cannot sell items obtained through a rank perk (such as fireworks from the rocket editor for VIP)
    • You cannot buy/sell Tokens to other players.
      We will be looking into allowing you to exchange your tokens for $$ on survival. However you will not be able to buy tokens for $$. 
    • You cannot sell any of the special items bought from the token shop
      This includes player skulls, spawners, mob eggs, and the exclusive items.

I hope you aren’t put off too much by these changes.

Charity Month

Our Charity Month is now over,
And over October you donated a total of $135 to our store. We’re going to put an extra $50 onto this so we will be donating a grand total of $185 to IJM UK! (Approx. £135 – which can provide Food clothing and a new home for someone rescued from slavery).

For more information on what IJM do, please visit their website: or

Thanks for all your support!

Halloween Scare Maze Build Contest Results

Here are the winners of the Halloween Scare Maze Build Contest!
Thank you to all who participated,

◦◦◦First off, we would like to recognize the players that received over 40 points: You will receive $10,000 in survival
Coule, FlutterMuffins02 & JayzRebel

◦◦◦In First Place, we have g_flawless in Plot 17!

◦◦◦In Second Place, we have Shaduma in Plot 1

◦◦◦In Third Place, we have Queen_Leokie in Plot 11

Congrats to the winners, the prizes have been added to your accounts!
The contest world will soon be available for download in the coming days!

Life On Mars Build Contest Results

Here are the winners for the Life On Mars Build Contest:

••• In Third Place: LapisPebble in Plot 11 •••

••• In Second Place: Queen_Leockie in Plot 10 •••

••• In First Place: SourWolfy in Plot 8 •••

Congratulations to those of you that won, your prizes will be added to your account by the 14th of October, 2017
The contest world will be available for download shorty

You can download the world file here

Charity Time: International Justice Mission

I’m pretty certain it’s well known that the clownercraft network makes money. It’s not our focus, but it is important. The money we receive from purchasing ranks or head packs on our webstore is the only way we can afford to continue running the server.

We are however, very fortunate that the money people give us is more than enough to cover our costs. And so – we’re going to try and put some of the extra money we have to good use!

For the rest of this month, any payments made on our webstore will go straight to charity. Every cent will go to them. We’re even going to cover the paypal fees to process your payments, so everything you spend will go straight to our chosen charity.

On that note, our chosen charity is going to be International Justice Mission (or IJM). (Quick note, we’ll be giving to the UK branch of IJM specifically, but it’s all part of the same organisation)

IJM’s mission is to fight modern day slavery. Their field offices work in various locations around the world to rescue victims of trafficking and slavery, and then work with them to prosecute those at fault. An estimated over 45 million people are currently trapped in slavery. One of the worst parts of this, is that a large proportion of those slaves are children.

If you want to know more about IJM, and the problem of modern slavery, please do read up about them here. If you are under 16 however, please speak with your parents about this first.

If you want to support IJM, then you can go ahead and buy Supporter/VIP/VIP+/A head pack from our store, or you can donate directly to IJM on their website – if you’d rather avoid the middle man.

Already have VIP/VIP+?
You can always buy a rank for another player, or buy head packs, as well as just giving money.

Can’t affort it?
Don’t worry, you can still help. One of the problems with modern slavery is that many people don’t realise it happens. So spread the word – make people aware slaves are still a thing – and that we should try to end slavery once and for all.

IJM’s website:
IJM’s UK Branch:

We’ll announce a total of how much we’ve donated at the end of the month 🙂

Server Update: Goodbye to CTF! (29/9/17)

Hello again – It’s time for another quick update in what we’re doing here on the network.

Firstly, theres some slightly more substantial news: We have chosen to close our CTF server, and from today you will no longer be able to play Capture the Flag on our network.

This decision was made since so few players use the server, and it was just starting to look rather old. We will be keeping the maps from it incase we decide to repurpose them. Removing CTF will allow us to give more resources towards other servers.

So, as normal, heres some of what we’ve done since the last post:

  • We ran a scavenger hunt. Lilly and Kori have been working hard to get that all setup over the past month – so we really hope you’ve enjoyed it. We’d love to know what you thought of it – so please post your thoughts and suggestions on our forums.
  • We have changed our chat, to a much cleaner look. As this is still quite new – it’s quite likely we’ve missed a few things, and you may notice a few errors or bugs with the chat. Please let us know on the forums.
  • We’ve also made lots of small fixes and tweaks to several servers.

What we’re still working on:

  • Gladiator. We’re working on fixing it – and in the process just making it a tad bit better. More news to come soon.
  • We have started to work on a new hub server! We’d love to hear your opinions, so please post any ideas in the suggestions forum!
  • And, we have started to setup a third SniperTown Server, which will serve as a test server for some changes to the game. Again, more information to follow soon.
  • Project Z. I know that doesn’t give you much information – but we’re nearly there with it – and it’s all new and fancy! (and may give tokens) 😀

I’d also like to make a side note: Thank you to everyone who has filled out our survey – we’re going to be going through all the responses soon, and your feedback will really help us to know the right direction to go in! If you haven’t filled it out yet – you still can: Click Here

Scavenger Hunt 2.0 Results

Hey guys!
After a little over a week the scavenger hunt is over and we have 3 winners.

1st place goes to Calinox with $53190
2nd place goes to FlutterMuffins02 with $44210
3rd place goes to TwinPage with $33590

You can pick up your event tokens at /warp contest
All money and normal tokens have already been awarded

See you next contest! 😀

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

The scavenger hunt has been revamped!
Starting this friday (22nd of september) a new version of the scavenger hunt can be played. This game closes again on september 30th.
So what does this mean?

The scavenger hunt is a contest, your goal is to explore the map and gather as many items as possible. These items will be sold in a server shop and the person with the highest balance wins.
You can earn the following rewards:

  • 1st place: 200 tokens, $100.000 and a scavenger hunt token for on the survival server
  • 2nd place: 100 tokens, $50.000 and a scavenger hunt token for on the survival server
  • 3rd place: 50 tokens, $25.000 and a scavenger hunt token for on the survival server

Treasure Chests
There are hundreds of chests hidden in the map, open them to find your prize. All chests are set to a timer after which you can get the same item again. The timers are 2 hours for the low value items, but they go up to 6 hours for the most valuable ones. Make sure you sell your items as fast as possible, items in your inventory wont count at the end of the contest.

The map
The map is full of surprises, including puzzles and special bosses. Completing the challenges will give you the most valuable items.

There are normal mobs running around the map looking to steal your loot! If you die you will lose your inventory, so make sure to sell your items at regular intervals. There are two unlimited chests at the spawn of the contest which allow you to grab as many weapons and as much food as you want.

There are also a couple of warps available to make navigation a little easier.


We’re looking for your opinions about our network, if you have time we’d really appreciate if you fill out the survey below: