4 Years

ClownerCraft Turns 4 tomorrow.

(28th March 2017).

4 whole years.

Just take a moment to think about that.
It is indeed a long time for a minecraft server.

And thus, things will be happening tomorrow to celebrate!

This includes a very awesome thing at /warp four
I mean, you can’t go to it yet.
This very awesome thing will run at various times in the day – keep an eye on chat to see when!

Ontop of this, I can finally confirm – there will be a sale on EVERYTHING on shop.clownercraft.net
This sale starts at 00:00 on the 28th (in GMT)

Sale Ends 3rd April, at 23:59 GMT

And of course, Theres the contest which is already running.

Thank you all for an awesome four years, and let’s hope we can keep this going even longer!

*Discount will be 51%, you must spend at least $3 in order to make any transaction.

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The New Creative Server!

We are proud to finally open our new creative server!

You can get there with /creative, or by joining creative.clownercraft.net

Our new creative now has 2 worlds to build in:
– A Plot world, with 149 x 149 block plots. Where the exact middle is marked!
– and a Freebuild world (with vanilla terrain)

Theres also now 4 build-based ranks for creative! Have a look at our ranks page for the full details!

And there are some other cool new things…

Enjoy the new server!

Creative World Download

Our current creative server is now offline.

Click Here to download the world.

Please note that this is a big world file, uncompressed it takes up a little under 2 GB of space (The compressed zip file you download is only 479MB). Single player Minecraft may struggle to load the world, so it might be worth using something like MCEdit to export sections of the world you want to keep into a new world. You will also need to extract the zip archive to use the world.

The new creative server should be online within the next week!

Creative update!

As a few people know, I recently had a bit of computer trouble – and this meant I couldn’t work on the new creative. Thankfully, I’ve got things fixed, so the current creative will be going down on Thursday 9th February.

World download will be provided on this day.

We will hopefully have the new creative server online within a couple of days of this.

Thank you for your patience.

News about Creative!

The remake of the creative server will take a little bit longer due to computer problems. During this time the old version will still be available.
Any updates will be posted on the forum.

Mansion Build Contest Results!

The Mansion Build Contest has come to an end. We had many great entries, but there were a few that stood out more than the rest. Thank you for participating and we hope you enjoyed.

In First Place we have Brent in plot 28, with a score of 455! Wow! This build had immense detail and followed the theme extremely well! Congrats to Brent!

In Second Place we have TheJayCool in plot 22, with a score of 400! Nice! This build had great detail and followed the theme very well! Congrats to TheJayCool!

In Third Place we have CoalKza in plot 12, with a score of 378! Nice! This build had very good detail and followed the theme very well! Congrats to CoalKza!

Thank you to everyone who participated and congrats once again to our winners! Your prizes may be picked up at /warp prize and your money has been added to your balance! A prize of $30,000 in game currency has been awarded to anyone who finished their build!

Redeveloping Creative!

Hey all,

As is long overdue – we will be redeveloping our creative server. And making it better!

In order to do this, however, we need to close the current creative server and reset it’s world. The world will be available to download once we take the server offline.

Creative will close on Thursday the 9th February, and will hopefully reopen within a week.
Please take note of the co-ordinates of your plots if you wish to get back to them in the downloaded world!

Our new creative server is going to be far better, with some new features:

  • Three Building-Based ranks for the creative server. In a similar fashion to Survival
  • (Limited) use of the worldedit plugin (More unlocked through ranks)
  • Two worlds:
    • A Plot world like the current creative and
    • A freebuild world, with vanilla terrain. This will only be accessible after you get the first rank on creative – sadly this is to try and protect it from griefers.
  • TokenShop – with all the decorative heads which are available in survival
  • Supporter, VIP and VIP+ perks, mainly ArmorStand Editor, Rocket editor and BannerMaker.

As always, we would really value your ideas and suggestions on what you’d want from creative – so please do post in the suggestions category on the forum!

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NEW! LogistiCraft Gladiator!

The LogistiCraft network is proud to open it’s latest addition: Gladiator!

You can now go play our mob-arena based minigame, which awards tokens depending on how long you can survive by either visiting the hub, or using /gladiator from any server in the network.

It costs 5 tokens to play, and you then have the choice of 12 kits, all of which are free. (We’ve found that having a mix of different kits between several players is better).

Mobs will spawn in waves, which increase in difficulty. And every few waves there is a boss. Some of the bosses are quite hard.

If you manage to beat all 50 waves within an hour, then you are a winner, and will have earned yourself 217 tokens. But don’t worry, tokens are given as you go through – after wave 6 you will have earned back the 5 tokens you paid to play! (2 tokens are given every third wave, plus a bonus 5 after the early bosses, which steps up to 10 or 20 for the later bosses).

and as always – and suggestions or issues will be appreciated, please post them in the suggestions sub-forum.

~Clowner & Team

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Forum Update.

I’ve done a bit of work to make the forums look a lot nicer, as well as updating the backend software that runs it. Hopefully this should make it much easier to use than before. The forums now follow a similar style to the rest of the server sites (mainly this one and the shop).

I’ll also note, the new forum style also supports mobile devices.

As always, if you have more ideas and suggestions for the forums – please feel free to post in the suggestions category!

Enjoy the new look forum.

Christmas Contest Results!

So, our christmas contest is over for 2016,
And it’s time to announce the winners!

Firstly, all plots scoring over 40 points average got a prize. Congrats to L1l4ndT4sty, NoSecondChances, Juice_BoxHero
NoobyCookieGirl, CireKiddo, Thegarlicbread, zoombaz, shadok_ and KirbyKirby888.

You will have been given your 16 Tokens and $10,000

Now, moving on – in Third Place: xMaree

And in Second Place: ms_pink_mermaid

And finally, in first place. No surprises here: HaannahBananaa. Incidentally, this is the first plot to ever get a perfect 100 from EVERY JUDGE in the contest.

For the first, second and third place winners – you can collect your discount code from /warp prize on the survival server. Your tokens and money have already been awarded.