Ranking Up

ClownerCraft's Survival and Creative servers both run on a building-based rank up system. This guide aims to explain how to request a rankup, and check the status of it.

You can see all the perks for each rank by visiting our ranks page.

Submitting a rankup

On ClownerCraft requesting a rankup is as simple as standing near your build and using the command:
/report rankup

After doing this, a staff member will review your build, according to our rankup guidelines.

Joint Builds
If you wish to work together on a build, this is perfectly fine! All we ask is that when you wish to rankup from it you each submit a rankup request, and mention the name of the other player(s):
/report rankup joint with [playername(s)]

There are however some special requirements for joint rankups. Please see the rankup guidelines for more information.

Skipping Ranks
If you wish to skip a rank, first of all, read the rankup guidelines around skipping. After that, you can submit your rankup request, specifying the rank you wish to skip to:
/report rankup skip to [rank]

If you include that in your ticket, you wont be ranked to a lower rank for your build, and given feedback in order to improve to achieve the skip. Even if you don't include this, staff may still skip you through the ranks if they feel your build is good enough.

Using Multiple Builds/Locations
For some of the higher ranks, you may want to submit multiple builds together for the one rank up. If these are all in one place, then simple use the rankup command as before. If, however, your builds are in different locations around the server, you'll need to create a rankup request at each location. You can have up to 5 locations for a single rankup.

To prevent us thinking the additional tickets are just duplicates/spam, please state that it's a separate location:
/report rankup location 1 of 3

Checking the status of your request

After you've submitted your ticket, you will have to wait for a staff member to review the build. If you're online when this happens, the response to the ticket will show up in chat. If you aren't online when your ticket is reviewed (which is very likely) you can check your ticket by using the following commands:
Show your last five tickets: /status
See individual ticket details: /status [ticket-ID]
Each ticket will have an ID listed with it in the list.

Understanding the response
If your ticket status says [OPEN] then it has not been reviewed yet. Please be patient. Do not submit another rankup request if you have an open one!

If your ticket is [CLOSED] then it has been reviewed, and you'll be able to see the outcome in the comments:

  • If you have been ranked up, then you will see "You have been ranked to [rank]! Congrats!" (or something along those lines). You're ready to move onto the next rank!
  • If you are unsuccessful, the staff member will leave a comment with suggestions on how to improve your build. You will need to make changes to your build, and then request another rankup. If you're struggling to improve your build, give our building guides a look.

For Diamond-Age rank ups, and above (Survival) or Builder rank ups, and above (Creative), you may notice "Second Opinion" left as a comment on your ticket. This is because for these ranks, at least two staff members must look at the build and agree to rank you up. Your ticket will still be OPEN, so just wait for another staff member to login and review the build.