Rankup Guidelines

We all play minecraft to build and have fun. After all that is why we play on Clownercraft.
The way the system works on this server is that there are ranks that can be awarded to players that build nicely.

For information on how to request a rankup, please click here.
To see the perks for each rank, see our ranks page.

There are some requirements that apply to all ranks:

  • The Build must be your own. You can't rankup on something you didn't build.
  • The Build should be original, no copying tutorials.
  • You can't have used the build for a previous rankup. (Expansions are accepted, but only the addition would be considered).
  • Builds must be aesthetic. In short, they have to have some decorative side to them - and a purely functional build (such as an undecorated store room, redstone farm or simply redstone circuits) will not count.
    • They're building based ranks, and so we require your builds to be decorative. Aside from that, theres no restrictions on what your build can be. You aren't restricted just to houses or castles!
    • You can still use Farms, Redstone etc as a rankup, but it has to be more than just a functional thing you submit.

Below is an overview of the rank requirements:


This rank is generally for those that have recently begun playing, and since those players will not have the means to gather a lot of resources, it is considered to be a starter build with relatively low standards.


The second rank on the ladder, expected to have more gathering abilities and better tools. And because of that has raised standards.
Size, detail and block use should all be improved compared to the Stone rank. Interior decoration especially becomes a much bigger factor in the judging process.

Diamond-Age (Roughly Worker on Creative)

This rank Is the midway through the ranks ladder. And thus is a pretty big step up from Bronze-Age. Just like before this rank will have to have improvements to size, detail, block use etc. It will also lay more emphasis on landscaping, as this is now considered specifically a necessary part of the build.

Not only that but the step up compared to the step before this rank will be considerably steeper. This is because we consider this rank to be available to those players that have been playing for a while. And have most if not all
available resources at their disposal.

Aztec (Roughly Apprentice on Creative)

This will be the first rank where the player will be considered to be advanced in building and will because of that be held to much higher standards than any of the ranks before. This means that the overall look of the build will have become far more important than the other builds combined.
It is now considered that you as the player will be capable of building much greater builds, for a few reasons:

  • All the previous ranks requirements and standards still apply in the sense that we know that you are capable of building nicely.
  • With the previous rankup you gained the ability to use /fly which makes a tremendous difference in building capabilities.
  • The application of difficulty to gather materials is not at all considered anymore.

All of these points accumulate to form the decision of the staff ranking your build(s).

Modern (Roughly Builder on Creative)

The modern rank is the highest building rank obtainable through a rank up ticket. And as such is considered to be a rank that only the players that put in the time and effort to build something grand will be able to obtain. As with all the previous ranks we consider the fact that you as the player have come this far up the building ladder and that you know exactly what it means to build. There will therefor be the expectation that you know how to add the detail in all facets of building e.g. structure, landscaping and interior.

When you apply for this rank you will be expected to have built something that is complete in every aspect of the build. Size will also be a big factor as the previous ranks will have already tested your basic abilities, and because of that will already have been proven. This does not mean that those things will be negligible. They will still be a part of the overall build just as important as the rest.

Standards are high for this rank.

Future (Roughly Architect on Creative)

This rank is only obtainable through exemplary builds it is as the modern rank but on a much bigger standard.
And therefore only obtainable by staff recommendation. TheClowner will be the one with the final say in the matter.
It is safe to say that this ranks standards are not possible to be explained other than the build(s) have to be extremely good, complete in all aspects and in this case the looks will be judged as well.

Joint (or Co-Op) Builds

Joint builds or team builds are also encouraged, but these are more complicated in the way that the extra requirements for these joint builds are as follows.

- Every member working on the build must be of the same rank
- Every member should have put in an equal amount of work (this does not include gathering materials)
- The size of the build should increase depending on the number of people working on it. (so for 2 it should be twice as big, for 5 it has to be five times as big)

If these extra requirements aren't met we sadly cannot rank any of the members for the build that would be submitted for rankup.

Skipping Ranks

Skipping a rank is possible but it is much harder.

Generally when you want to skip one or more ranks the requirement is that your build is level with the rank above what you skip to, so for example:

Bronze-Age -> Aztec (skipping Diamond)
Would require a Modern Scale Build, with the detail level of at least an Aztec build

Player -> Diamond-Age (skipping Stone and Bronze)
Would require an Aztec Size Build, with the detail level of at least a Diamond-Age build

Please consider this before you attempt to skip.

The way we actually consider skips is that the amount of detail has to match the rank being aimed for, and the scale of the build should be bigger than the skipped ranks, added on to the rank you're aiming for. Eg, to skip from Stone to Diamond, your build should be the size of a diamond-age and bronze-age build added together. The 'one rank above' suggestion is often just easier to picture.


All in all as mentioned before we encourage everyone to build what they want to build. It is always very nice to see someone building for their pleasure and we can usually quite easily see the difference between someone that builds for pleasure and someone that is trying to rank asap. Those don't usually turn out as good as the other. It is understandable that the perks are nice and they are for a reason. We intend to regard people for their efforts and give them the perks to help them with future builds and at the same time to help make it a little more fun. In the end that is what we are all after. But patience is a virtue, we want to help everyone as much as we can. To that end we will be building a new /warp examples in the near future.

Another good way to see up close what a build for that rank is like is to see other peoples builds if they let you. Be sure to ask politely as that usually gets you farther.

In closing we would like to wish everyone a pleasant stay on the ClownerCraft network. And we are always looking forward to the builds people come up with!

Good luck with your (future) builds!

~ The ClownerCraft Team