Economy contest results!

Hey guys its result time!
First of all Id like to say that it was great to see how well the slimefun plugin was liked and used 😀
And now… the winners:

First Place:
Citostick with $305954

Second Place:
C00kieMon5t3r with $154188

Third Place:
TheGarlicBread with $130529

Now of course there was a mysterious reward involved. This mysterious reward is that everyone that has any balance gets to keep half of that!
This means that half of your contest balance has been added to your survival balance 😀 (and this includes the winners )

All rewards (including tokens) have been added to your accounts already/

For the people who scored over 40 but under 60 will receive 50 tokens each

The people who scored over 60 tokens will receiver 75 tokens each

The First Place Winner is Tarajist!
With first place, their plot will be added as the new /warp pvp!

The Second Place Winner is MathToKool!

The Third Place Winner is Shaduma!

Server is back up!

Hey guys!

Good news, we managed to get everything up and running already.
Everything should be fixed and working fine 😀

– Clownercraft staff team

Server downtime due to a hosting error

Today all the minecraft servers and TS server are down due to an error whilst connecting to the hosting servers.
The expected downtime is uncertain although we will be working on fixing this issue as quickly as possible.
For the time being we are not expecting any server to be up untill sometime tomorrow.

We will keep you informed on the forums and the website if new information arises.
Our appologies for the inconvenience.

Yours truely,

The Clownercraft staff team.

Underground Build Contest Results!

The following plots scored above 40 Points and got a Prize of $30,000:
CoalKza on Plot 1
wizkrys on Plot 4
janello710 on Plot 11
fodrich on Plot 12
Bamboo7429 on Plot 14
kilIerKrafter on Plot 15
AreaEffectCloud on Plot 17

The third place winner is MathtoKool on Plot 13. Congrats!

The Second place winner is CireKiddo on Plot 16. Congrats!

The First place winner is Shaduma on Plot 2. Congrats!

For the First, Second and Third place winners go to ./Warp Prize to claim your prize!
The Clownercraft staff team thanks everyone for participating in this build contest!

Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday 15th April – The Proxy Kicks

As plenty of you have noticed, some of the servers in our network have recently started randomly disconnecting users, with a message “[Proxy] Lost connection to server”

Well, we still can’t actually work out what’s causing that – but we narrowed it down to our global chat plugin. And unfortunately, that means we are having to replace this with a different plugin.

In order to do this we will again have to take the whole network offline for a few hours to make the changeover. This will happen on Saturday 15th April. The server will go offline at 3pm GMT, and will come back online within a few hours. (It’s quite hard to give an accurate ETA on finishing the work.)

EDIT: The downtime will now start at 3pm GMT (or 10am EST)

I’d like to apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused, and also all the reboots we had while we were trying to fix it.

Taking the whole network offline is never something we want to do, but sadly this is necessary once again.

ClownerCraft Feedback – April/May 2017

We’re looking for feedback from our players. Please take a moment to fill our the survey below.

This survey is entirely anonymous, and every question is optional.

Introducing the Build Team!

We have some exciting news today:
We are starting a build team!

So you can now apply to join that (see the Staff Applications Sub-forum) – either to actually help build, or design minigames or write plugins.

This new team is there to help build for any new things we want in the network! This may be building new spawns, shops, jails on the survival server, or building entire new servers in the network. But we’d also love to just build projects for fun, which we can then release to the world!

We’re looking for a range of different people with different skills, including basic building skill, for exterior, interior, landscaping, but also being able to come up with game ideas, write plugins and more.

This new team will be headed up by jaffla334 – and each member of the team will be given a special second prefix: [Rank-Prefix] ✧BT✧name
You will still be able to go through the Rankup system of each server as normal.

So if you think you’d like to be part of this, then go ahead and post an application on the forums!

ClownerCraft’s 4 Year Anniversary CONTEST RESULTS!

So, it’s that time again – We’re announcing the winners of our 4 Year (Skyblock) contest.

With this contest, any plot scoring higher than 40 points gets 50 tokens,

The following plots have gained this prize:
Plot 14 – QueenH, Bamboo7429, Lindsey7429

Yeah, okay, there were only 4 that scored higher than 40 – and three of them get first second and third..
Moving on…

In third place, receiving 150 Tokens:
Plot 3 – Nameless3002, Borovazk, GoggleBear, Galaxy_panda_8

In Second place, receiving 200 Tokens:
Plot 2 – CoalKza, magen137, MathToKool

And in FIRST place, receiving 300 Tokens and A free head pack!
Plot 5 – Janello710, Sanea, Shaduma, Wizkrys

Your prize tokens have been awarded (Please note that they are split between each member of the team evenly.) For those in first place, go to /warp prize on the survival server to claim your head pack!

Upcoming Downtime (4/4/17 @ 3pm GMT)

Maintenance has been completed, thank you for your patience.

The ClownerCraft/LogistiCraft network will be offline for scheduled maintenance on TUESDAY 4th April 2017, from 3pm GMT (11am EST). This is so we can update our network’s chat system.

The downtime should take less than an hour.

Sorry for any inconvenience.