Economy & Shopping

Our main Survival server has an economy system, this can be used to buy and sell items, from both the server and other players. This page will outline where you can buy things with $$$, how you can get money, and running your own shops.

General Commands

In order to check your balance, you can use the /bal command.
You can send money to another player using /pay [name] [amount]
To see the top list of balances, use /baltop

Where to get money

All players start with a small amount, you can earn more in a variety of ways:

  • Vote for the server on server lists.
    Each vote will give you $1200, voting every day adds up quickly
  • Sell at /warp shop
    The server shop has an area where you can sell a selection of items directly to the server. And some player shops may allow you to sell them items too.
  • Auction Items
    We have an auction system directly in the chat, see the 'Auctions' section below for a guide on how to do this.

Spending your money

Theres plenty of things you can spend your money on:

  • The server shop
    Theres a selection of items you can buy from /warp shop
  • Player Shops
    You can easily buy a wider range of items directly from other players, either from the rentable shops at /warp shop, or from the player-run shopping centre at /warp duck
  • Auctions
    You can also bid on auctions, this can be a good way to get large quantities of items.


Creating your own shops

ClownerCraft uses ChestShop to allow players to create shops.

You can rent a shop from /warp shop to give you a space where other players can easily visit your shops.

To Create a shop, simply place a chest down.
Then, place a sign above, below, to the side, or on the chest.

On the sign, Leave the top line blank.
On the second line write the quantity you wish to buy/sell.
On the third line put the price. use B [Price] for Buy price and S [Price] for sell price.
if you're both selling and buying, use B [Buy Price]:[Sell Price] S
On the last line, put the name (or ItemID) of the item you wish to sell.

To find the name of the item, use the command /iteminfo whilst holding the item you're selling. (This also allows you to sell items with enchants, names, lore etc.)

You can then fill the chest with the item it sells, to stock it. Players can then buy from your shop by right clicking, and sell to it by left clicking - and holding shift will allow them to buy/sell entire stacks at a time. You will be notified whenever someone buys or sells to your shop, and will be told when it runs out of stock.

To remove your shop simply destroy the sign.

If you don't want the notifications every time someone buys from or sells to your shop, use /cstoggle


We have an auction system that runs in the server chat. All players can create and bid in auctions.

Running an auction is simple, hold the item you want to sell and use this command:
/auc start [amount] [starting price] [minimum increment] [time] [buy price]
[amount] being the amount of the item you wish to auction. You must have atleast this amount in your inventory to run the command.
(Optional) [starting price] is the price at the start of the auction
(Optional) [minimum increment] is the minimum amount the price must increase between each bid. $10 is a good value for this
(Optional) [time] is how long the auction should last. By default this is 60 seconds
(Optional) [buy price] is an optional price, where a player can just buy the item for without going through the auction. This feature is rarely used.

Running an auction costs $25, and 3.75% of the final price is deducted as an auction tax.

When an auction is running, you can check the information on it using /auc info
And if you wish to cancel your auction, use /auc cancel

Bidding in an auction is also simple:
/bid [amount]
This will place a bid with the specified amount.

If the auction has a buy now price, you can choose to just buy the lot for that price by using
/bid buy
You can check how many auctions are waiting, and at what point yours is if you've started an auction, using /auc q
If the auction text is getting annoying, simply use /auc quiet to toggle the messages on and off.

Advanced usage

There are some more advanced features to the auction system, these are detailed below:

Sealed Auctions
A sealed auction means that only the person running the auction knows the current bid. At the end of the time the highest bidder wins the item.
To start a sealed auction:
/sauc start [amount] [starting price] [minimum increment] [time]
The arguments are the same as the standard auction command.

Maximum bids

You can also set a maximum bid when bidding on an auction. This means that you will remain the highest bidder until a player bids higher than your max bid. This can often annoy other players, so be careful with it.
/bid [amount] [max-bid]