Redeveloping Creative!

Posted on January 15, 2017 by TheClowner

Hey all,

As is long overdue – we will be redeveloping our creative server. And making it better!

In order to do this, however, we need to close the current creative server and reset it’s world. The world will be available to download once we take the server offline.

Creative will close on Thursday the 9th February, and will hopefully reopen within a week.
Please take note of the co-ordinates of your plots if you wish to get back to them in the downloaded world!

Our new creative server is going to be far better, with some new features:

  • Three Building-Based ranks for the creative server. In a similar fashion to Survival
  • (Limited) use of the worldedit plugin (More unlocked through ranks)
  • Two worlds:
    • A Plot world like the current creative and
    • A freebuild world, with vanilla terrain. This will only be accessible after you get the first rank on creative – sadly this is to try and protect it from griefers.
  • TokenShop – with all the decorative heads which are available in survival
  • Supporter, VIP and VIP+ perks, mainly ArmorStand Editor, Rocket editor and BannerMaker.

As always, we would really value your ideas and suggestions on what you’d want from creative – so please do post in the suggestions category on the forum!

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